Drawlloween 2016 in April: Day 1, No Foolin’

I’ve decided for this April blog-0-thon that I’d share my drawings from Drawlloween 2016. I started out with a punch, taking out my long-neglected Prismacolor pencils for a spin. On this day I learned that the things I created way back when with these magic pencils took a long time to perfect. When you’re drawing something everyday and tackling school, concessions must be made. I also learned that, unlike digital art, mistakes or color choices are forever. Once you start using the ink or colored pencils, that’s it. No layers to save your ass. I’ve loaded all of these to my Deviantart page as well.


Theme of the day: Return of the Dead


I could have put a lot more detail into the skull but, again, time wasn’t plentiful. Still, it turned out better than expected for being rusty.