Release Day: An Outlaw in Her Bed

Happy release day to me! This story has come full circle for me. From just a little thing telling a sweet story to a gritty historical western romance full of unsavory characters and two people looking for redemption. This is the one and only western in my catalog but not the first historical. Believe it or not, I found history a little boring in high school but that’s because it was about wars and the industrial revolution. Nothing but how hard it was to live or what they wore or endured. Now that I’m older? I can’t get enough. Having the freedom to travel to historical sites helps because nothing beats standing on the highest point in a ruined castle to get a sense of life in the past.

The main character, Ellie, is named after my big sister Ella. A little homage to her and how she’s worked hard to be where she is in her life. Although she’s not living the farm life, she’s got a kick ass job as a flight nurse. I’m extremely proud of her.

An Outlaw in Her Bed

Published: March 21, 2016
Roane Publishing
western romance

An Outlaw in Her Bed Cover 1600x2500 #2

An outlaw by trade, Travis Colburn refuses to be tied down by a woman. Life on the run leaves him no room for love, until a calico queen’s wicked lips tattoo his soul. Her searing kiss leads him on a path entwined with the devil himself, and nothing will stand in his way—not even cold lead from a gun.

When a bullet steals her husband’s life, Ella Gilby gets more than she bargained for from a tall, dark stranger. Death walks in his shadow and the temptation he offers swallows her whole. The more she denies the attraction, the more her desire for the deadly desperado draws her back in.

Heaven and debauchery collide, and the love sparked in a single night reignites as Ella recaptures the man she lost long ago. Unless their shaded past tears their world in two.

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“Would you like a drink?” She moved over to a dresser and popped the cork on a bottle of whiskey. Travis strode over and took the bottle from her hand.

“Are you going to drink with me?” He took a whiff before poising the bottle at his lips.

“Reese doesn’t allow it.” Her gaze fell to the ground.

“I supposed not.” He set the bottle down. “Especially when the bottle isn’t just whiskey.”

Ellie gasped, her gaze whipping to meet his. “Please.” She back away. “I didn’t mean. It’s just…”

Travis grabbed her by the shoulders. “You’ve never taken a man to bed yet, have you?”

“Please don’t tell Reese. All I’ve ever done is played with the hard bit until they succumbed.” Her lips quivered. “Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Apparently so.” Travis cupped her chin and covered her lips with his own. She trembled, her kiss back weak and restrained. “Someone’s coming up the stairs, Ellie. At least pretend like we’re getting along.”

His fingers toyed with her corset strings as he leaned in again. Her lips soft, she brushed them ever so lightly against his. A creak in the floorboards cured her tame manner, and his eyes widened as her tongue invaded his mouth. Sweet and alluring, he pressed in. Travis had no intention of bedding her but his dick had other ideas. The corset strings came loose as the door to their room started to open. His pistol came out and was cocked before the door finished widening. Nash stood there with his gun, sweat and blood trickling on his face.

“Well, well. Need another lesson in manners, son?” Travis clenched his jaw. Ellie slipped to her knees for cover.

“Ain’t fair, Boss. I seen her first.”

“Are you making a fuss or are you aiming to end up in the Boot Yard?” Travis never moved an inch. The world around him slowed as he stared down the cold steel of his weapon. Nash, on the other hand, shook like a man possessed. “The devil got you, son.”

Footsteps pounded in the hallway and Buck came in view. “Come on.” He tugged on Nash’s arm. “You’re going to get dead, real quick. Sorry, Boss. He’s had a few too many.”

Travis reached in his pocket and produced a silver coin. “Find another one, boy.” Nash scrambled for the coin. “Knock on my door with your foolishness again and you’ll be suffering a bout of lead poisoning.”

“I’ll take care of him, Boss. Don’t you worry.” Buck grinned and shut the door.

Travis blew out a breath and eased the trigger back. Gun barrel to his temple, he relished the coolness.

“Would you have shot him?” Ellie glanced up.

“Yes.” Travis nodded. “But my gun’s not loaded and hasn’t been since I got here.” A terrible habit Carter had taught him to stay out of trouble should he drink too much. Most men, he explained, didn’t have the courage to shoot when confronted. Travis could bluff all day with Nash. The man had a yellow streak a mile wide on his back.

“I owe you, mister.” Ellie smoothed her hands over his buckskin trousers before unhooking the buttons.

“No need for that, Ellie.” Even as his words left his mouth, his cock stiffened.

“I’d say yer pulling my leg, mister.” She giggled. With the last button free, she grasped his hardened shaft.


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New Release: Cuffed and Collared

I had plans, long ago, to have this story ready for the Uniform Anthology but as things go I had two problems–time and this one needed to be contemporary. Not that I loathe contemporary, I just love a paranormal/urban fantasy flair. If I’m honest, the time was the killer. Between cleaning up after three furballs and an exhausting schedule at work, I had no energy to put words to paper or computer screen. Granted, I had releases but I love being an Evernight Author. So, I finished this puppy up and really it’s about time I put out another m/m novel.


by Kastil Eavenshade

published 09 March 2015

by Evernight Publishing


A creature born in sin and debauchery, Markus Theo doesn’t care which orifice sates his incubus lust. After all, in the city’s lower echelon no one pays attention to a petty thief sucking on souls so long as his victims remain breathing—until a sexy half-incubus cop cuffs him to table for more than questioning. A prison cell is the least of his worries when tempting Detective Leo Vincent collars him and ignites a hunger like no other. Something stirs beyond the carnal greed and one kiss brands his damned soul.

Lost in a world of submission and sin, Markus will do anything for his lover—even infiltrate the underbelly of an incubus crime operation. He never expects to confront a piece of his past that could destroy everything. Torn between losing Leo or his anonymity, Markus prepares to sacrifice his freedom for the one man he truly loves.

I glanced at the cop in the corner. His eyes never met mine but his hand wavered near his gun. I slumped in the chair, regarding the person in front of me. The detective also wore a gun at his side. Could I possibly beguile him and start a skirmish between the two? If I got lucky, someone would come in to break them up and I could slip out, but what then? By his build, I’d rather use my abilities to have him under the table in blow job city. However, that broke my “no cop” rule.

“Here’s the thing.” I tapped the papers. “These don’t exist.” My tone was low, meant only for him. I stared into his eyes, letting my natural pheromones saturate the air. “In fact, you’ve never seen them before.”

He sat back, his jaw unhinged. As I opened my mouth for the killing blow, he laughed at me.

What had just happened?

“Thing is, your latest fuck toy told me what you are and, well…” He stood and walked over to my side of the table, laying his filthy hands on my shoulders. “I’m part incubus so none of your tricks are going to work on me.” He whispered in my ear. “Why do you think I took the case? I’m the only one who remembers those two other cases in front of you.”

He moved back to his side of the table. Cold washed over me and I prepared myself for the fate in front of me were I to return to prison. Gnawing hunger and never getting enough soul sucking to control the ache. The detective snapped his fingers and the cop went to the door, tapping a few times. The door opened and he exited, leaving me and the half-breed alone.

“Just so you know, you didn’t have to lower your voice. No one is behind the glass and Officer Bergon was under my control.” He laced his fingers together. His tongue wet his lips and I imagined him using his cuffs to restrain me for an unlawful carnal fuck. Thoughts I tried quickly to purge.

“So get this over with.” I pushed the papers back to him. My mind refused to eradicate how damn sexy he was. Now wasn’t the time for temptation with incarceration on the line.

“Not that simple. Your fuck toy that turned you in? I’ve been watching him for a long time. I thought you were an interesting part of the puzzle—an incubus stealing to pay for a small taste of such a small soul when you could have fed on better.”

“I have fed on better.” I spat to the side. “How about we get to the meat of why you have me in here. You know … brother,” I pointed to me, “to half-wannabe.” My finger swung his way.

He spread out his arms. “Donnie Peterson has more than you on his roster. The man you saw him with when you got arrested? Just another one of his pawns like you.”

“I’m no one’s pawn.”

“You’re going to be everyone’s pawn if you don’t drop the attitude and listen up.” He pounded the table.

Good cop and bad cop all rolled into one hot mess. I’d have been lying to myself if I didn’t give him credit for being a tasty treat. If no one was truly watching, I’d be wishing he’d slam me down on this table and show me how big his cock was. As my thoughts ran wild, I caught a dark glower growing in his eyes as his pupils enlarged. So, I could affect him.

“Are you saying you want to save my ass from being the latest buffet line in county? I mean, if you’re here and know what I am, then you know exactly where to put me to make my life hell.”

“I want you to find out who is the king to the bishop you’ve been dealing with.”

“Donnie works for someone else?”

He chuckled. “You never noticed his many trips?”

“I never cared. Not like he’s the only fuck in town. He was just a good steady hook up without the hassle.” I inspected my fingernails. “If I help you, what’s going to give me what I need to have a clear conscience?” And a clear record without any proof left lying around for the next half-breed asshole. It was bad for one in my line of work to be tied to a cop. I did have some morals, however loose they may be.

“Only if you listen to exactly what I tell you.”

I pondered his arrangement. I had no issue playing the part of a sub, if that was what he was implying. The matter, however, of Donnie was my problem. I wanted to get back at him for what he’d attempted to do. I couldn’t pay that little bitch back behind bars.

“And if you release me how does that work exactly? Donnie knows you arrested me. He thinks I’m gone and not his problem anymore.”

“He has no idea you got picked up.” The detective grinned. Sneaky incognito man in blue had covered all his tracks, so it seemed.

“You’re a piece of work.” Okay, I’d be lying if I didn’t want to fuck him. Was he releasing pheromones to beguile me? I shook my head at the thought. “Deal.”

He nodded. “My name is Leo Vincent. I’m going to bring you out the back way and you’re going to waltz back in the front and ask for me. Tell them you have information on Donnie Peterson.”

“And then what?”

He stood and leaned in. “Then I’m going to fuck you like you’ve been fantasizing this whole time.”

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Just One Taste: Witches & Lycans

I wanted to create a series in a fictitious town spanning through the decades that have reoccurring characters. My first decade had to be the ’60’s. I tackled Hansel & Gretel first. Instead of them being siblings, they are lovers. Along with that, I wanted a villain to span through all the books in some way. Thus I created the Lycans which are a form of werewolves. They are bipedal instead of four-legged ones. Their minions are the true wolves. I originally wanted to write one of these a month but life got the better of me. Still, I have the decades mapped out and just need that illusive thing called time.

Enjoy the first chapter!

Spring of 1966

“Don’t be such a drag, John.” Susan snaked her french fry through the ketchup before sucking it off. Her companion scowled. “It’s not the only college in the world, you know.” She bit into her fry before mashing it into the ketchup again.

“Will you stop double-dipping?” John grabbed the ketchup bottle and shook out another portion.

“What?” She grinned. “Not like we haven’t exchanged bodily fluids in one fashion or the other.” She swirled her finger in the new glob on the plate. Her tongue darted out to lap a bit off. If they weren’t in public, she’d be half-tempted to crawl under the table to relieve the stress she noted in his eyes.

“Not cool, Susan.” He shifted in his seat. “You know I’ve got to work at the old man’s shop tonight.”

“Are you on the rag?” She crammed a few more fries in her mouth.

“I’m just freaking out because he’s got me doing this project all by myself. I’m flaking big time.” He ran his fingers through his long locks.

“Well, there’s always the weekend.” She slipped her foot out of her sandal and rested her toes on his crotch.

He lit up. “You don’t have to help out your parents at their party?”

“Nope. I bribed my younger sister into doing it. Her acting classes are really playing off. Besides.” She giggled. “There’s nothing like going all the way under a full moon. One more year in college, and who knows where we end up.”

“Anywhere but Beowulf Hollow.”

The town they’d lived in most of their lives rested between two mountain ranges. With peaks lined with snow well into springtime, a few places would be sheltered enough to have a sensuous gathering with their friends.

“Am I picking this year, or are you?” She enjoyed the fire in his eyes at her question. When they were in their first year of college, they’d gone to a swingers’ party on spring break out of curiosity. After a few bottles of whiskey and a few joints, each one of them ended up in the arms of other lovers. The next party they were invited to, Susan had her first threesome while John watched. Thanks to the experimentation, Susan found pleasures in both male and female partners. John had encouraged her to explore as much as she wanted. She half suspected he enjoyed making love to her while she was exhausted from her other partners. His want for control never left her feeling unsatisfied.

“How about you select and I pick?”

“A change-up?” She grinned. “I like it. Now get to work.” She pulled the plate toward her. “And I’ll work up my appetite. Pick me up at six.”

“You got it, baby.” He grabbed the back of her neck and drew her in for a kiss. Their tongues played briefly but delved no further. Most of the town knew they were dating. How far they had gone remained between them and the other swingers. The town of Beowulf Hollow was too small, and her prudish parents would never let them leave the house or see each other again if they knew the extent of their relationship. Their ideals were stuck in the fifties.

Susan watched him go, wicked thoughts playing in her head. The liberation of her sexual identity shook her to the core. A couple of families had moved into the area and invited her and John to their cabin in the woods. Normally she wouldn’t have been able to go, but her parents had gone on vacation and left her in charge of her little sister. Judy was bribed easily and went to bed early with explicit instructions not to allow her boyfriend in the house. Susan had several Polaroid shots of her little sister letting her latest boyfriend slip his hand under her sweater. If their parents saw that, she’d be in a nunnery before sundown.

The bonfire had been Susan’s first experience with mushrooms. She’d never seen parents so hip to the changing world. For the most part, they’d left them alone as the fire blazed in the pit. She’d shared her first kiss with John that night and a lot more, just stopping short of penetration. If she hadn’t feared pregnancy, John would have popped her cherry that night. John might stress out about his father, but he was the one reason Susan had a cervical cup. Her parents were squares, as he put it, and youth shouldn’t be wasted on sheltering yourself from the world.

She blinked out of her reminiscing as the pleasant odor of English Leather tickled her nose. David slid into the booth. “Hey, man. What’s shaking?”

“Just getting a head count.”

David wore his black hair short in the back and long in the front. Most times, he styled it in a pompadour. She enjoyed John’s long dirty blond locks, but something in David’s grey eyes made her pussy wet and ready. He was the first man she’d ridden besides John. His cock hit all the right spots, making her come quickly. Even with the experience, John was the one who held her heart. Their lovemaking went beyond a pleasurable fuck.

“Well, you know I’ll be there, and John too. Wouldn’t miss it.” She toyed with a fry at the edge of her mouth. Those eyes of his hardened her nipples. Something deep inside urged her to crawl under the table and suck him off until she tasted his cum. She glanced away, the heat in her cheeks red hot. How could she think of sexual play without John a part of it? Or smack dab in the middle of Beowulf Hollow?

“Cool.” His fingers brushed hers. “Can’t wait to see you … both.” His departure did nothing to quell her carnal lust.

The waitress, Janis Flannigan, came over and Susan covered herself. Not one to wear a bra, her arousal was obvious.

“All finished, sweetie?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. Her gaze stayed locked on the table. The waitress lingered, not touching the plate.

“Stay away from those MacGowan boys, Susan.”

Her head jerked up. Janis’s perky demeanor had soured into a stern look.

“I’m going steady with John Hansel, not that it’s any of your business.” She rolled her eyes. “I gotta book.” She inched toward the end of the booth but Janis blocked her way.

“There’s a history in this town that you free-loving freaks just chalk up as scary bedtime stories.” She leaned closer. “But I’m here to tell you they’re real, and if you don’t stay away from that whole MacGowan family, you’re going to bite off more than you can chew.”

“Leave the scary stories for your own kids.”

Janis slammed her palm down on the table. “You don’t think I know what you kids are up to? That clearing is off limits. The sheriff didn’t put a ‘no trespassing’ sign up for little shits like you to ignore it.”

Susan inched to the back of the booth and away from Janis as the waitress snatched up the plate. One last scowl and she left the table. A cool bead of sweat rolled down between Susan’s breasts.

Tossing some loose change on the table, she hurried out of the diner. What would it take for her to leave this town? College wouldn’t do it for her, she realized. Her major would land her straight smack dab in the middle of town. She should have never consulted her mother on her courses. Was that really what she wanted out of life? To be a glorified secretary wearing a business suit, helping the man in City Hall? It would take a miracle to get out of this hell and circle of a community she never connected with.

She breathed in the light spring air of the mountain valley, the one element she adored about living here.

Beowulf Hollow never did care when strangers moved into town, even if they supported the community. Unless you married into an established family, you were labeled an outsider. Janis ostracizing her was only the beginning. If her parents caught wind of her meeting up with someone other than John at the diner, she’d never leave Beowulf Hollow—or her room—again.

Sure, she’d heard the stories Janis alluded to numerous times. Witches were a myth started back in Salem to rout out the undesirables in that day and age. Their version of shunning, which ended in death––and a scare tactic to make villagers conform to staunch religious beliefs. And werewolves? Just something out of a Universal monster flick. The only thing missing from those tales were the blood suckers and Dr. Frankenstein. Her mother started weaving her scary stories when she wouldn’t go to sleep as a child. It morphed into what would happen to her if she had premarital sex. Susan had survived that curse numerous times so far.

Her hometown needed to come out of the Dark Ages.

Across the street, leaning against the side of the post office, David winked at her. She quickened her steps. Something about that man caused her heart to thunder. Giving in to the urges building inside her would be breaking the promise she had with John. Their free lifestyle didn’t cross the line of sleeping with someone without the other’s presence or consent.

She walked faster and hurried home. All the while, she felt the hot breath of David nipping at her neck.

witches-lycans mock up