Waking the Lioness by Amber Morgan

Hello, and thanks for having me today! I’m delighted to be bringing you a sneak peek at the second in my Malkin Ridge Shifters series, LIONESS HUNTING. This picks up where WAKING THE LIONESS left off – with Lara, Zane, and Tate building a new life together in Malkin Ridge. But I don’t believe in giving my characters an easy life, so there’s a good dose of danger and mystery alongside the sex and romance!


I’m a series writer at heart, and it’s really hard for me to write a stand-alone story, so there’s going to be at least one more Malkin Ridge story in the future. I love revisiting characters and places, adding to the world, and seeing how it all develops. Hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing my werelion threesome take on their next challenge, and getting to explore some new parts of the Malkin Ridge world. I’ve got a teaser here to whet your appetite!😉




Lara Carey is settling back into life in Malkin Ridge with her two passionate lovers, Zane and Tate, and she’s keen to prove that she belongs—both back in her old home and in her mates’ bed. When a chance encounter with a teen tiger-shifter reveals the presence of a dangerous predator in town, Lara and her mates are forced to take action. With an innocent life at stake, can they hunt down this monster in time? And when the dust settles, will the trio be stronger for the experience?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), public exhibition

Pleased and surprised to see him, she shifted
back to her human shape and waited for him. Cool mountain air zipped
over her bare skin, caressing her nipples and sending pleasant
shivers through her. Past experience told her the rucksack on Zane’s
shoulders would have clothes for her in it, but she wouldn’t be
disappointed if he’d forgotten. It had been a very long time since
they’d had sex in the great outdoors. And here he was, already
half-naked, with not another soul for miles around.
It was clear he was having similar thoughts. As
he got closer, she could smell his arousal, see the feral gleam in
his eye. He jogged the last few yards to her and Lara went eagerly to
his arms. He crushed her to him in a hungry kiss, his hands traveling
down her back to squeeze her ass. He thrust his crotch against hers,
silently telling her how ready for her he was.
Love and lust scorched her. The fierce joy of
being with him again was showing no sign of wearing off, and his
possessive kiss told her he felt the same. She couldn’t let her
doubts rule her, not when the future held so much promise.
Combing her fingers through his hair, she broke
the kiss to murmur against his lips. “Good morning.”
He growled as he dragged one finger slowly
along the crease of her ass, dipping deliciously close to her hidden
entrance. “It could be.”
She pressed closer to him, pushing her breasts
hard against his chest. He cupped one obligingly, rubbing his thumb
idly over her already taut nipple. Her eyes fluttered closed and she
sighed softly, sinking into sensation.
“Why’d you take off so early?” he
asked. “I worried.”
“I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to
disturb you guys.” She shrugged and slipped her hand down to
unzip his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any briefs, so his cock sprang
neatly into her hand. Zane groaned as she squeezed it gently. “Did
you track me down just to ask that?” she asked.
He fixed a greedy gaze on her, amber eyes
burning. “I kind of did,” he said, “but I didn’t count
on finding you up here all naked and fuckable.” He grabbed her
by the hips, and Lara let out a little squeal as he lifted her up.
“For some reason now, I’m finding it hard to focus.”
Lara laughed, offering no resistance as he
slung her up over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. He smacked her
ass as he walked her over to a sturdy pine tree, and the hot ripples
of pleasurable pain sent a gush of warmth straight to Lara’s pussy.
By the time he set her down again, she was aching to have him inside
her. She went for another kiss, but he turned her around and gave her
another firm smack.
“Hands against the tree trunk,” he
ordered. “I want to see that gorgeous ass while I make you
Shivering with anticipation, Lara obeyed,
placing her palms against the rough wood and positioning herself for
him, ass up, cunt ready. She closed her eyes as Zane ran his hands
gently over her cheeks. Without warning, he delivered two stinging
slaps to each, making her jump and gasp.
“I love that shade of pink you turn.”
He slid one hand between her thighs, stroking at her wet pussy. Lara
didn’t bother to hide her moans. It was too early for anyone else to
be up here, and anyway, there was a rush in knowing they could be
seen. She knew Zane liked it too. Hell, sometimes she used to think
he wanted to be caught.


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Author Bio

Amber is the secret identity of a writer who normally pens urban fantasy, but feels like stretching her wings. Amber loves darker romance, anti-heroes, good red wine, and expensive chocolate (sometimes all at once). She’s based in the UK and lives in an adorable cottage with her dream man, an adorable cat, and two stupid snakes.

Valletta, Malta

Tour Taken: Top 10 Best of Malta


Marsaxlokk fishing boats

This tour was so long! One thing my sister and I wished we had were the whisper radios like we had for Athens. The guide gave great information—if you could hear it. While she repeated a lot of things back on the bus, we still missed a few history points. Plus, I felt rushed through the sites. We did, however, get a side quest to the cliffs in Malta. Absolutely beautiful as far as the eyes could see and another site where Game of Thrones was filmed.

A low light of the trip had to be candidates for the whiniest twats in the land. This lady who was with her husband on a trip … that required lots of walking. He has MS but since her knee was bothering her, she commandeered his wheelchair and acted like a total douche canoe the whole time. Everything was a complaint from her mouth. The icing on the cake was she complained that she couldn’t hear the tour guide—as if any of us could—and then said she could hear an ant crawling across the floor. So we named her the Ant Whisperer. Trust me, it wasn’t a fun jest. We got commentary from others in the tour group that had the displeasure of being on other tours with this couple.

First stop was Valletta which is also where we ended. The whole city was wall to wall limestone. So beautiful. Also visited was Mdina—the site of season one for Game of Thrones. Marsaxlokk was along the way and I saw vibrant fishing boats. We treated ourselves to coffee and let me tell you, I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach what we call coffee in America. It’s so velvety smooth and delicious without adding any sugar. Certainly not the bitter swill Starbucks pushes. I bought nougat in the market place. They had fig bars too but I abstained. My stomach wasn’t ready for food because at this point, ship crud had started to steel in.


This is the place where St John was beheaded and his Knights lived. Amazing how this little island was used and abused over the centuries. The Romans, Turks, and French. Good gravy. This whole region is just torn from greedy countries and reigns. They all speak English because of the time the British occupied the island as well as their own language that is a mish-mash. We were treated to local wine and a light snack that was really a meal. I tried a local beverage called Kinnie. While I liked it at first, the bitterness of the orange lingered on the tongue too long.

After this trip, I’ve had to return the battery to my uncle as he didn’t want me to completely drain it. So tomorrow I will suit up with my mother’s camera. Good thing she’s been here before. St John’s Cathedral drained most of it with not being able to use the flash. I saw Caravaggio’s painting of the beheading of St John. At the end of the tour, I was so ready to leave Malta. Not because it was boring but because I had thoroughly exhausted my energy reserves. The tours don’t get any easier from here on out, lasting at least 8 hours. At this point, I’m going to have to beg off on France. Otherwise, I am going to get sick. It’s too taxing and I’ve been to France already. Italy is more important from a cultural standpoint.



Athens, Greece

Tour Taken: Cape Sounion & Acropolis


Getting a picture without people would be like not climbing a long distance to get to this point.

Athens was packed! The day before we docked, the public transit in Athens decided to strike. While that didn’t affect the tour, we barely made it out of the city before the strike blocked the main square. We cruised the coast. Beautiful blue waters greeted us and we wove our way to the Acropolis. First we stopped at Panathenaic Stadium, the site of the opening ceremonies in the 2004 Olympics. A few pictures and 50 cents in euros to use the bathroom, we were off. I feel like I should have left a lasting impression for forking over money to use a restroom.

Give me my medals ant fifty cents in euro. I have to pee!

Give me my medals ant fifty cents in euro. I have to pee!

Next stop was the Parthenon. I suggest not going here if walking up slippery marble steps isn’t on your adventurous list of activities. I wore my traditional excursion shoes which are hiking boots. It was a site to see these people in flip flops losing their balance. Herodes Theatre Stood about a shitload of steps up. Our guide—another A+ person—had us hooked to a headphone radio system to tell us about the site. My mother had gone on this trip on one of her numerous cruises she’s been on. Unfortunately for her, the guide was too robust to go up and give any information. Suckage. More marble steps and people ill-equiped to handle it later, we reach the top and wonder on our own. The ground had pockets of marble so if you didn’t watch, slippage happened. Several cats wandered around the top, including a black one. Friendly, of course. I haven’t met a black cat that wasn’t.

Our next stop was a traditional Greek restaurant. If I ever doubted anything in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it was laid to rest here. The food was plentiful and served family style. We passed around plates and had the best tzatziki sauce ever! The lamb was unlike any I’d had and it turned on a spit in the front of the restaurant. The owner was very nice and our wine jug never emptied—even when we said we’d had enough. He seemed to take humor in bringing more out. His son was equally nice, pointing his nephews and cousins who also worked there. Our hearts and bellies were full when we left.

Off to the Temple of Poseidon we went! Another jaunt up a steep incline and some clicky-click of the camera. Did I mention I left my battery charger at home? Yeah, the camera died on top. Luckily my phone has a decent camera though not the quality my Nikon brings. No worries. I have a backup plan with my mother or possibly my uncle’s extra batteries.

Actual picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Boom.

Actual picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Boom.

On the way back, we passed where the Syrian refugees are being housed. An old airport no longer in use. Our guide told us they have a few weeks to figure out where they’re going before they’re sent back. It’s a little on how the states work. They have to have relatives somewhere to be released. Greece is poor and nothing is cheap. Their economy is shit but despite the troubles, I’d highly recommend visiting. Seriously … between the people and the food plus the rich history? It’s a goldmine of wealth.

Orange trees lined the streets which reminded me of people talking about the states putting fruit trees alongside city streets. Here’s the problem with that. Our guide said that though the oranges would be good for marmalade, no one would pick them because of the pollution from the cars. Think about that. Lovely fruit trees laden with the emissions from our cars. Would you want any part of that?

*special note: I meant to post this yesterday but my computer wouldn’t cooperate and as late as it was? Geesh. Mama needed some sleep!