Drawlloween Day 31: Trick R Treat

April has ended but I decided the last one would have it’s own spotlight. A little bit of treat if you don’t mind the potential trick. This has a been a wild ride and, truthfully, I do these because it’s a nice calm at the end of the year when school has dragged me by the heels. I miss writing but know I have no time to properly tell a story much less devote to editing etc. I haven’t given up on that dream, it’s just on hold and I will return. Until then, I hope you enjoyed my art as much as I did creating it.

Trick R Treat


Drawlloween Day 30: Cauldron Crones

In the end, it was never about one shaman practicing her craft but a coven of earth mothers plying their trade. I’m sad that this journey almost over as I enjoyed drawing her. Perhaps one day I’ll do a more detailed mask. Now that I have an updated Wacom pad, it may be a little easier. We’ll see. It’s time for school to start again as I type this and schedule the post. Time is about to get very short again.

Cauldron Crones