Release Day: Devin and the Playboy

This is a day I thought would never come–another release! I’m still plugging away at college but thanks to the inspiration of one Doris O’Connor (I miss you dearly), I decided that there is no reason I can’t carve out some time to finish those pesky WiPs. This is the one that banged the loudest in my head. I liked that the main character Devin hid behind the mask of her many personas and it wasn’t until someone who truly loved her for who she was that she become so much more. We all find our strength to be who we were meant to be.

Thanks to everyone out there that’s had the patience to stick with me. Remember, I haven’t stopped writing and I don’t plan to. Enjoy!

Devin Murphy enjoys her life as a high-priced escort. She has the best of both worlds—an active sex life and money to live a comfortable lifestyle without answering to a man at the end of the day. When the infamous playboy of Manhattan Jack Monterey proposes a contract of marriage that offers her a lavish lifestyle beyond the prime years of her profession, she accepts. Besides, if anyone could handle the legendary master of bedroom activities, it was her.

Leaving her former profession proves to be harder than she thought and her past keeps threatening to ruin her future thanks to her husband’s vindictive sister. To make matters worse, Jack Monterey’s reputation of sexual Adonis has been grossly exaggerated. Devin is caught in a society far above her capabilities and Jack’s assistant Stephan? His penetrating gaze promises to fulfill her carnal fantasies long since neglected by her husband. Can she keep her vows or will temptation take it all?

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Day 30: Build a Beast & Day 31: Trick R Treat Yo Self

My son claims I scrambled up his childhood bear for this one. I didn’t have a direction. I started with the head and let my imagination fly. This one also got featured by Drawlloween. I was on a fucking roll this year.

Build it and they will go … OMG what the fuck is that?

And what would normally be day 31 but April just doesn’t go that far, I present this one. Another weird creature eating on the flip side. This was a lot of fun.

OOOO … tastes like chicken

I hope you enjoyed the journey this month and thanks for stopping by. I hope to have more on the writing front soon so stay tuned! You can find me on my Facebook Page under Kastil Eavenshade and on Twitter at @KEavenshade.

Day 29: Scarecrow Records

While an album cover seemed a good route to go, I went with this instead. Poor guy has a murder of crows hanging about and he’s hoping he doesn’t have to do laundry afterwards. I replicated some of the crows for this one. Also, I love drawing scarecrows a lot too.

Drawlloween retweeted this one.

Don’t you have some butterflies to chase?