For Doris #fuckcancer

Really, the day was a blur when I got the news I never wanted to hear. I was sitting on my couch and that terrible feeling crept into my soul. My phone always by my side, my fingers inched closer as the cold tendrils told me to take one last glance. Knowing the day was coming all too soon and witnessing it was all too surreal. Doris, who I had the pleasure of meeting through Evernight Publishing circa 2011 and was hoping to met in person this year, had been ripped from this world. Cancer, that sorry fucking pestilence that destroys lives, claimed one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known.

The internet is a blessing because without it, I wouldn’t have gotten to know her. I got to know the trials and tribulations of a mama with 9 children. I chanted support for breastfeeding mums around the world with her, even when she was banned on Facebook for daring to share her breastfeeding photo with her youngest. The story of how she met her wonderful husband (sorry, not sharing), and the journeys and heartbreak of being a fur baby momma too. Those stories of hers too. She inspired me.

So, even when school was turning my brain to mush, how could I not find the time to write to benefit her family? Hell, I also gave what little royalties I had to the cause as well. I started a story and hated it, scraping the idea and freaking out with tight schedule. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone–most of all Doris. My story brought me to tears and part of me didn’t want to finish it as if that invisible barrier would stop time and keep her on this earth forever. Alas, her destiny was that of an angel to watch us all.

Here we are, on release day. Valentine’s day–a day that love is expressed throughout the universe. What a fitting day to honor someone that brought to much love and joy to so many. I miss you, Doris. #fuckcancer

Passion, Pleasure, Pain: An anthology of Dominance and submission


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by Kastil Eavenshade

Alixandre Chastain enjoys the darker side of Paris. A Libertine by trade, no flesh is barred from his roaming hands, no matter what lay betwixt their legs. Except when news of his lustful ways reaches his God-fearing parents, they strip him of title and cast him out. Alixandre’s now adrift and with an uncertain future, but an interesting proposition by Comte Phelipe Richelien promises to replace everything he lost with a new world of decadent pleasure like no other. But can Alixandre submit to his new Master? And will his guarded heart be laid bare by one spoken word—Alabaster.




Drawlloween Day 31: Trick R Treat

April has ended but I decided the last one would have it’s own spotlight. A little bit of treat if you don’t mind the potential trick. This has a been a wild ride and, truthfully, I do these because it’s a nice calm at the end of the year when school has dragged me by the heels. I miss writing but know I have no time to properly tell a story much less devote to editing etc. I haven’t given up on that dream, it’s just on hold and I will return. Until then, I hope you enjoyed my art as much as I did creating it.

Trick R Treat

Drawlloween Day 30: Cauldron Crones

In the end, it was never about one shaman practicing her craft but a coven of earth mothers plying their trade. I’m sad that this journey almost over as I enjoyed drawing her. Perhaps one day I’ll do a more detailed mask. Now that I have an updated Wacom pad, it may be a little easier. We’ll see. It’s time for school to start again as I type this and schedule the post. Time is about to get very short again.

Cauldron Crones