Authors Behaving Badly: Not Again

I have been writing since middle school, maybe around 7th grade. Back then I just did it for fun. In high school, I shared my stories with close friends. I was shy and was afraid to do anything else with it. My friends, of course, encouraged me to expand what I have in my first show vs tell moment. I took a creative writing course and didn’t understand the concept of a story being a mere 5 pages long. That lesson came later in life.

So that’s circa 1987, when I graduated. I didn’t stop writing, using an electronic typewriter with a small built in memory. Quite honestly, most if not all of that writing was crap. When I got married, I didn’t forget my passion but things get in the way when you get hitched–especially when your spouse is an attention whore. I found the world of online gaming. Not WoW but chatroom D&D. We used messageboards to put up character background so in a sense, I was still writing–and getting better.

The Kindle didn’t exist and I tried entering contests from big publishers to get noticed. I got rejection letters and brooded that they claim to want new talent but picked previously published authors. In hindsight, my writing wasn’t good enough.

So fast forward to 2000 or thereabouts. My son is in hockey and cub scouts. I’m the parent that is helping him with all of that. I use a laptop when I can to get a few words in during his hockey camps but in the end, I’d rather be involved in my son’s life. Sacrifices have to be made for the good of my kid. Besides, writing can be completed when he’s in bed. Not when my son dictated, when I–the parent–said so.

It wasn’t until 2011 that I got my first story published. I started with short stories and magazines because I knew I had to earn my keep. In 2012, my first novella was published. I did all of this while having to keep a household and 40 hour job. I’ve gotten several other publications along the way. So when I saw yet another author starting a Go Fund Me so they can get people to pay them to sit at home and write, I get a little on the pissy side.

What ever happened to fucking working for what you want? Let’s step into the world of the latest author waving an illusionary tin cup for funds to pay her bills starting with this ‘golden’ nugget.

Apparently to ask for assistance is a no-no. Too bad I’ve never cared what others thought of me. I’ve been told to apologize. That isn’t happening, at least not today.

#Funderc*nt It’s kinda catchy, has a ring to it. I think I’ll keep it.

Yeah. That’s just what the publishing world needs. Another author who doesn’t understand why other authors have a problem with this. Unfortunately this flippant attitude trickles down to other authors too. It’s bad enough we have pirating sites but we have to deal with what asshats like this do to the image of the writer.

But Wait! She’ll give you all this for donating! OOoooo……


Never mind, if you wanted to, you could buy all those things for less. Let’s break down her ‘pity me’ Go Fund Me plea down:

I’ve spent the last 5 years struggling to become a full time author. I’ve been working odd and part time jobs and writing at night. I’m tired, but I’ve managed to produce 4 series, 9 individual titles, (All big/real books).

Ever heard of J.K Rowling and what she did to get Harry Potter written? Read it. And someone pass it on to the self-proclaimed Fundercunt. Rowling finished her first Harry Potter book in 1995 but it wasn’t published until 1997. When did she start it? Fucking 1990. You want to talk about someone who waded through the mud–on her own for the most part while raising her children ALONE–this bad ass author is top on my list. Fun Fact: I’ve never read the Harry Potter series but my son has. He loves it to this day. Another Fun Fact: He started reading them in first grade. That’s my author pride there.

So boo-hoo-fucking-hoo on how long you’ve been doing it.

I’ve also produced 4 of these as audio books. (Invested $3500.00 just in the audio books).

I’m getting noticed and I’m getting awesome reviews on all of my books. I’m not however making enough to sit and write full time, (which would allow me to also sleep).

My goal is simple. I need to generate a $1000.00 a month. I do have partial support from my family. It’s not a full-time living by any means

Guess what: When you decide that you’re going the self-publishing route, you are going to pay more than someone who goes with a publisher. In checking, she’s got an average of 7-10 reviews per book. Not bang pop by any means. that’s not the point of my rant, however, so let’s continue.


Currently the sales of E-books and Audio books brings on average between $100-$200.00/month.

Most E-books sell for under $3.00, or less than a cup of coffee, and I get one dollar from that sale. Said E-book took me about 6 months to produce and roughly $1000.00 after paying for cover designers and editors.

Newsflash: None of her e-books are under $3. NONE. And the $1000 for editing and cover art? That’s a fair price. You know why? Editors and artists are trying to make a living too! GASP! PS: If you’re paying $3 for coffee, you’re doing it wrong. Again, I reference my J.K Rowling and how long it took her to get one book published.

Most readers are unaware it takes 20-30 hours of writing/editing/polishing time to produce 1 hour of readable/publishable material. Yes, its the most thankless, time consuming non-job on the planet.

Not sure where these stats came from or what the purpose is beyond the “poor me” stance. One hour of readable ….whaaa? My experience is quite different. I can type maybe 1000 words an hour uninterrupted by three kitties, housework, and reading myself. My son is self sufficient at 21 years. I’ve done NaNo and that’s 50k in a month of a rough draft. I’ve done NaNo since 2007 and it can be done while working and maintaining a house. That’s doing 1667 words a day so that’s two hours. Then there’s research depending on the type of book. History, for example, takes the most in my opinion. I can get lost in research sometimes. So maybe 2 hours for that too. World building is a whole other animal. I will say submitting to a publisher can take a long time depending on the publisher but this author doesn’t bother so, again, I doubt she’s only making a dollar a sale. Plus, she’s on Kindle unlimited to so …. excuse me while I call bullshit.

Any and all help would be immensely appreciated and I am happy to gift my books to supporters.

If you want to chat or have questions you can friend me and then PM me through the facebook messenger system, or send a message through gofundme.

Once you donate, please do contact me directly so I can gift you the titles/formats you’ve selected. :-)

She appreciates it but she’s not going to apologize for not earning her keep. I work a 40 hour job and have a house that I am responsible for cleaning as a single-almost-divorced person. Oh did I mention I’m an artist of sorts too?

My artwork ... because I can art without needing Patreon.

My artwork … because I can art without needing Patreon.

This post isn’t to light the torch and go all mob mentality because I loathe that more. No matter what I think of this person, I will not advocate or condone drive by one stars one Goodreads. Fucking stop trolling people. I will say, however, speak your piece on social media. Twitter the shit out of it if you want. If you didn’t buy/read her books, you have no right to judge them. Start a petition or write a letter to Go Fund Me about this. Go Fund Me shouldn’t be about paying someone’s bills so they can write–there are grants for that. It’s about, IMO, helping people in a bind when they lose a child to cancer and the bills are racking up. That is a cause, not someone not willing to pay their dues in blood, sweat, and tears like the rest of us.

I have one more tidbit to share. Take it for what you will but do notice the dates when considering the context and see if you spot the hypocrisy I did. Me? Calling someone out on their shit isn’t bullying. I’ll give that the one-star drive by–as I’ve stated numerous times before–is a form of bullying. The only time I did that? When some douchebag plagiarized other people’s books. That is my only exception so don’t be one-star fucktards … or authors that rate their own books. Additionally, going to an author’s page and having a spat IS bullying.

Really OMG 2 Really OMG


Losing My Religion: The State of Christianity

I really don’t know where to begin.  I guess the first thing I should say is that I am a Christian who goes to a Catholic church and also is a member of the choir–singing and playing my flute. Even with that, I don’t agree with everything the church preaches. Take the LGBT community, for example. Some–and I do mean some–have just some hard fast rules I can’t abide by concerning people who have done nothing beyond existing or messing with the delicate sensibilities of said Christians. What’s that phrase? Want to find a huge gathering of hypocrites and judgey people? Go to a church.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Kim Davis. Someone who wants to force her beliefs on others by not doing what SCOTUS has made legal. Not only did she refuse, she blocked the other clerks from issuing them as well. Only one of the other clerks refused and, well, it didn’t stop what was right–that licenses for gay couples were issued but only after Davis was jailed. She was given options that she refused. Me thinks she’d do better at Hobby Lobby since they aren’t a government agency. Just a thought. I mean I’d love to have an 80k a year job that I don’t have to do.

Who are any of us to deny someone rights? In 1967, interracial marriages were made what they should have been all along–legal. Yet here I’m seeing on the interwebs a interracial couple sporting shirts that define marriage and family as a male and a female.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Let’s get one thing straight too–There is no gay agenda. It’s called rights for every human being. I can’t say the same for these religious extremists pointing their fingers. Seems to me they are pushing their religious beliefs down our throats. The gays are ruining America! No, fuckwad, you are.

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition.  It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices.  It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.  It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.

What the hell, humans?

What the hell, humans?

Another argument I’ve seen is the ‘changing’ of the constitution or the laws. Guess what? That’s happened throughout our history. Times change. We must adapt and not be huge dicks about it. How far have women come to get rights or blacks? If you don’t see the parallel, you just might be part of the problem.

This article is something I can get behind.

Saying separation of church and state is a coined phrase tossed about often. What most people mean when they use that well known phrase is religion will not have more power than government and vice versa. To inject Christianity into laws negates the freedom of religion. Christianity is not the only religion practiced now or back when the Constitution was penned.

I, as a Christian of the Catholic persuasion, am appalled on how some secular Christians are pushing their beliefs on others. Mormons going door to door, for example. Every human being deserves the same rights and not one religion is more important than another. Jews matter. Muslims matter. Buddists matter. It’s the radicals in any religion that make me shake my head.

Jesus taught love. He hung out with criminals and whores and never judged. I think that is a lesson lost in today’s world. Love is lost. So when we have people who commit adultery (10 Commandments heeelllo) during their second marriage but finds Jesus ((NEWS FLASH: Jesus isn’t the one that’s lost here)) and the magical power of judgeiness, the only label I can put on them is hypocrite. I really need a facepalm Jesus.

Lastly, as a Republican, I can say with certainty that Huckabee, Paul, and Cruz will not have my vote. Of course I have yet to see any of the candidates on the GOP side show they’re worth dropping my vote for. If it isn’t trying to take rights away from women, it’s their lack of understanding for basic human rights. Know your fucking role as a civil servant and leave the bible study for church.

My philosophy:

Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Let me educate you on where that comes from:

Leviticus 19:18
“‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.

Matthew 19:19
honor your father and mother,’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.'”

Matthew 22:39

Romans 13:8
Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.

Romans 13:10
Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Galatians 5:14
For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Heaven’s Just a Sin Away by Tyler Robbins

Heaven’s Just a Sin Away

by Tyler Robbins






Having just lost his mother to cancer, eighteen year old, Blueford “Blue” Mason returned to their hometown of Danville, Texas to live with his reticent grandmother, Alma. The two struggle to bond while Blue undergoes a metamorphosis into manhood, discovering new things about himself, his sexuality, life, love and even heartbreak.

After leaving his former fire department due to intolerance of his sexuality, twenty-three year old, Jack West moved to Danville to work as an EMT for his uncle’s small fire department. He’d resigned himself to living a quiet life alone until Blue came along and turned his world upside-down.

Will the young lovers find acceptance in Danville or will shameful secrets from the distant past set this town ablaze when the people around them are forced to face their own shortcomings?

Heaven’s just a sin away for everyone, especially when every sin is created equally.


Semi-Adult Excerpt: (adult language)


Blue drew in a deep breath and gripped the strong hand holding his. He peered into Jack’s dark brown eyes as they darted back and forth.

“Fuck.” Jack stepped back and shook his head. “I’m sorry. I don’t know—”

“Don’t know what?” Blue had to know. He had to hear the rest of the sentence. If he didn’t, he was certain he would explode.

“I don’t know what I was thinking just then.” Jack gestured to the space between them now. “I didn’t mean to cross any lines, man.”

Blue shook his head. “You didn’t.” He really hadn’t. In fact, Jack hadn’t even come close to crossing lines. Not like Blue wanted him to, anyway.

“Oh, shit!” Jack charged past Blue and reached for the now crackling frying pan with the steaks. Smoke and steam billowed from the top. “Damn. I think I burned them.” He set the pan aside and examined the steaks by lifting the edge of one with a fork. “Crap. There went dinner.”

Blue laughed. “You can save babies from burning cars, but you can’t cook up a couple of steaks?”

“Hey, I was dealing with an emergency. You nearly cut your finger off.”

They both laughed as Blue glanced down at his finger. “It’s not even bleeding anymore.” As their laughter quieted, Blue couldn’t help himself. He had to say something. “You’re not, you know.”

Jack’s brows pinched with apparent confusion. “Not what?”

Blue swallowed hard, his knees trembling so badly he wasn’t sure how he’d managed to remain standing. “You’re not crossing lines.”

Jack ran a shaky hand through his thick, dark locks. “Blue.”

“I’m an adult.”

“I know.” His Adam’s apple worked up and down as his gaze dropped from Blue’s eyes to his mouth.

“Just because I’m younger than you, doesn’t mean I’m too young.” It wasn’t everything he’d wanted to say, but it was good start.

Jack’s gaze felt heavier somehow, like the thoughts behind his gorgeous eyes were at odds. “I don’t know if…”

A million words could have ended the sentence, but nothing Jack said would have changed the way Blue felt. Right now, he only wanted to feel Jack’s lips. Taste him. Touch him. The way he’d done in every dream he’d had since he first met him.

“Nothing you say can change this.”

“Look, Blue.” Jack stepped closer. “I’ve had a rough year, and I don’t want my baggage to spill onto you.”

Blue scoffed, trying to thwart the ball of air stuck in the back of his throat threatening to strangle him. “You’ve had a rough year?”

Was it petty to compare? He instantly regretted the snide, selfish comment.

Jack’s eyes widened. “Shit, Blue. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Nah, man. It’s okay.”

“No.” Jack placed his hand on Blue’s shoulder and gave him a gentle squeeze. “It’s not.”

The second Jack looked him in the eye, Blue knew. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if he didn’t make a move, he might never have the courage again.

Blue rushed toward him and instantly captured Jack’s bottom lip between his own lips and teeth.

Much to Blue’s relief, Jack didn’t pull away. Instead, he pinned Blue against the counter, huffing hot breaths as he pried Blue’s lips apart and slipped his tongue inside.

Blue sucked him in deeper, swirling his tongue around Jack’s. His body trembled, and Jack hugged him close, their mouths still fused together, kissing, suckling, tasting.

Their teeth clanked between kisses, and a wave of energy Blue only experienced when he jerked off, surged through him. Holy fuck! Had he busted a nut already? He pushed the mortifying thought out of his head and eagerly followed as Jack guided them toward the sofa.

Jack laid Blue back onto the cushions and gazed down at him with a hungry look in his eyes. Between laboring breaths, Jack whispered, “Jesus, Blue. What the hell have you done?”


Adult Excerpt: (language and frottage)


Goddamn. What the hell am I doing? Despite his first inclination to get up and leave the room as fast as his legs could carry him, Jack gave into Blue’s persistent movement. “Goddamn, Blue.” He was huge. Even through clothes, Jack could feel every inch of the thick, stiff shaft. He wanted so badly to unzip Blue’s pants and suck out every drop of cum he had to offer. He couldn’t though. Not like this. Not so soon.

Jack shook off the dizzying argument complicating his thoughts.

The way Blue looked up at him, Jack couldn’t ignore the desperate plea darkening those fucking bottomless sapphire-blue orbs. “What is it?” Concern nipped at the nerves along the base of Jack’s skull.

“I’ve never…” He pressed his lips together, his gaze cutting away.

What? He’s never… Jack’s mind instantly blanked as the revelation sank in. Holy shit. He’d suspected, but—Damn.

Despite knowing better, Jack moved his hand up and down, kneading Blue’s cock through his pants. He’d become even hotter in some twisted, erotic way. “Never?”

Blue slowly shook his head. “Never even been kissed until now.”

Jack had absolutely lost his mind. Nothing was more exhilarating or more dangerous than being someone’s first. But being someone’s first kiss, first jerk-off and possibly first everything else all in one fell swoop was riskier than running into an exploding high-rise inferno. Someone would definitely get burned before this was over. Jack knew it deep in his gut.

Blue put his hand on top of Jack’s and pushed down, encouraging him. “Don’t stop.” He jammed the back of his head into the sofa cushion with a deep, sensual moan as his body shuddered beneath Jack’s touch.

Jack couldn’t help it. He ground his groin into Blue’s thigh. He had to know. He had to feel each tremor, each twitch. Nothing else mattered in that moment other than witnessing this thing of beauty unravel under his touch.

Blue bucked upward, and that was it. That was all it took.

Jack rubbed harder, faster. “God, you’re fucking killing me here.” He memorized the blue-green veins protruding from the strained muscles in Blue’s neck and the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed. The subtle way his lips puckered and the way his brow hardened from what Jack knew was that erotic ache that takes over when on the brink of orgasm. “Give it to me.” He’d never wanted anything more.

Blue bit his bottom lip and grimaced, prompting Jack to forget all about his own pending explosion and focus on what Blue was about to experience. Jack searched Blue’s eyes. “You want this bad, don’t you?”

Blue nodded, his brows creasing even deeper until he squeezed his eyelids shut.

Jack kissed and suckled the curve of Blue’s neck then whispered in his ear, “Come for me.”

Blue thrust his groin upward and arched his back, lifting himself off the couch and up against Jack’s body. “Oh fuck.”

His body jerked, and Jack instantly felt the heat from inside Blue’s still buttoned khakis.

“Ung.” Blue gripped Jack tightly around the neck and fell back onto the cushions, dragging Jack with him.

Almost there, Jack only needed a few seconds more. He continued to grind into Blue’s leg, but Blue nudged him back and cupped Jack’s cock through his jeans. They both looked down and watched as Jack fucked the concave curve of Blue’s open hand.

Blue’s persistence surprised Jack. Maybe he had more experience than he’d led Jack to believe. Blue rubbed up and down, and Jack held his breath until—his balls drew up and a delicious tremor zinged across his body like a tiny earthquake, intensified by the young man beneath him and the way Blue so eagerly finished him off.


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Author Bio:

 Tyler Robbins, a.k.a. Robin Badillo, is a down to earth mother of four, born and raised in a small Texas town where she still resides with her nearly grown kids and a pack of spoiled dogs.

After years of being a wife and mom, complete with company picnics and fundraisers for the P.T.A., Robin found herself starting over when her husband of fifteen years suddenly passed away in 2006. With no particular skills to speak of, Robin took the advice of friends and family, and followed her heart and passion for writing into the publishing world.

A fan of paranormal and southern romance novels, Robin does her best to offer up a plethora of tasty morsels to satisfy her reader’s appetite. Whether mainstream and/or paranormal erotic romance or Tyler’s LGBT romance line, Robin strives to create characters who are endearing and relatable.

Adversity is Robin’s motivation, which explains why she’s a true believer that grey hair is simply God’s graffiti.