Alpha Blood (Pack Warriors #1) by Elena Kincaid

Alpha Blood (Pack Warriors #1)

By: Elena Kincaid

Release Date: September 3, 2015



Gemma, a she-wolf, alone and in unbearable pain, cries vengeance against the evil man who caused her suffering. Jordan, alpha of the White-Moon pack, the largest in the country, has a war to prepare for. Kane, his brother and beta, struggles to be worthy of the role thrust upon him.

When young girls start to disappear and rumors of a dangerous serum surface, the two men are brought face to face with their destiny. A fiery passion blooms between Gemma and her men, one that heals her body and soul, but a dangerous war still lies ahead. Will they be successful at stopping an evil tyrant before another girl goes missing or will Gemma pay the ultimate price? With her life!

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Gemma still ached all over, but the pain was now dull and tolerable. She knew her reprieve would be short. More pain waited for her throughout the night. Something was different, however. Warmth surrounded her on both sides as she rested on what felt like a soft bed. A pillow cushioned her head.

She opened her eyes and bolted upright when a warm, calloused hand brushed her cheek.

“Easy, you’re safe,” said a deeply rich and sexy voice. “Lie back down.”

She looked around the spacious bedroom and even through the muted light could see the room was tastefully decorated with dark wood furniture matching the dark wood bedposts. A creamy white chaise sat in the corner with a cozy-looking rich brown throw blanket dangling off the side of it. She imagined herself lounging on it with a good book and a glass of wine sitting atop the small side table next to the chaise. Gemma did in fact feel safe, safer than she had felt in a very long time. She complied with the gentle command to lie down, pulling up the chartreuse-colored sheet that had pooled around her belly when she had sat up and she sensed a blush creep onto her cheeks while doing so. The memory of what had happened earlier in the forest with the two gorgeous men beside her came flooding back to her as well. They had given her a ray of hope when she had none left.

At first she was on her guard, wary of anyone who dared approach her lest they were part of Pollux-Moon or in allegiance with them. Then she became angry that two complete strangers thought it their right to order her around, to touch her without her consent. She’d been in too much pain to realize that they only wanted to help her. So in agony and unfocused as she was, at first she hadn’t even realized that they were her mates.

Mates. I have mates. She closed her eyes briefly and savored the delicious scents that surrounded her. Her pain had been reflected in their eyes earlier when she had locked gazes with them after she realized who they were to her. One of them had hair the color of midnight and eyes of gold. His hard gaze had softened when she stopped struggling and let him examine her. She found him looking at her when she opened her eyes again.

“What’s your name?” he asked. He had a slightly deeper baritone than the one who commanded her to lie down.

“I’m Gemma. But my friends call me Gem.”

“You have a beautiful name, Gemma, Gem.” His smile was breathtaking. He looked so open and friendly, a complete contrast to how he had looked earlier when he was being bossy and commanding. “I’m Jordan. Alpha of the White-Moon pack. This is my brother and beta, Kane.”

She looked over at Kane—hair nearly as dark as his brother’s, but eyes a mossy green—and managed a small smile. Both men were large and muscular and exuded a power hard to miss. They had identical tattoos on their left pectoral—a wolf’s paw print with a wolf face inside it. The eyes of each wolf, however, matched its owner’s. A full white moon stood out behind the paw and the White-Moon pack insignia, in elegant script, rested underneath. They both sported various other tattoos, but that particular one was breathtaking.

“You had us worried there, little wolf,” Kane said. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I just clawed my way out of hell for a temporary breather.” She hadn’t meant to say that out loud.

Kane looked suddenly angry. “Who did this to you?”




About the Author:


Elena Kincaid was born in Ukraine and raised in New York where she currently lives with her daughter. She graduated college with a BFA in creative writing and started a graphic design business a few years later. She developed a passion for reading and writing at an early age and loves to write what she loves to read and that is romance with a paranormal twist. Her desk is constantly cluttered with journals, sticky notes, and torn out pieces of paper full of ideas. When not working, Elena loves to spend time with her family, travel the globe, curl up with a good book, and catch up on her soaps.


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#Drawlloween : My Recharge

I’ve had some major stress lately so when I saw an artist friend post a graphic about drawing something Halloween themed daily, I decided I needed to get some practice. Since I invested in a desktop touchscreen computer for my writing and art, it was time to start mastering Adobe Photoshop more than I have. Having a Wacom tablet also helps. My go to program has always been JASC Paint Shop Pro but I can’t find the disc. The perils of moving. Both programs have their advantages. Now I already knew how long it takes to create art, which is why I advocate for artists and them getting paid–along with getting pretty pissy when their work is stolen. It goes without saying (or should)–please don’t use someone’s art without their permission.

So let’s show you some of the art I’ve created.

Ghost 2015Oh boy. This was the first one. Not only was I rushed as I was a day behind, it was the first thing I tried to do solely in Photoshop. I love the liquefy tool so the clothes were made with that tool. This is the color palette I was going for. The only problem? The arm! It’s supposed to by the right one and I clearly drew a left. D’oh! These are practice sketches, thank goodness, because this one is awful!


wpid-fb_img_1443989483201.jpgOn this day, I had all the time in the world to create. When I first started putting warts on the goblin, they looked awful. The great thing about digital art is you can erase and it’s a lot easier than traditional means. He’s one the favorites I’ve created thus far. I’m seriously considering putting this bad boy on a t-shirt for kicks. At this stage, the smudge tool is my friend.



wpid-fb_img_1443989469356.jpgMeet my vampire. When I draw them, I prefer gray tones for the skin. However, I thought I’d spice her up with red lipstick and blonde hair. I used stock photos for a reference to draw her. I just don’t draw from my head for human forms. They always turn out goofy looking. Again, the smudge tool comes through for me. That’s how the hair effect was created.



Werewolf-2015This one is werewolves. I thought I’d go more like a cartoon style on this. My son named the band pictured. I called it quits before I could get the drummer and bassist in so we’ll say they missed the album cover shoot howling at the moon. While this is a distraction to the chaos that is my life, I have other projects I need to work on as well.



Pumpkin-2015A pumpkin, plain and simple. I thought about going realist with this one but I’ve always liked the impressionists. So that was the style I was going for. As you can see, I’m getting better with Photoshop. This beauty took me at least an hour to create. It’s a tie for my favorite, really.



Tune in next week for more highlights. :)