No one person should be bogged down with one thing. So I created this blog to showcase that. You don’t have to agree with me. Because we’re human, agreeing all the time is boring. I also am a firm believer in not pinning myself down to reading one genre. For me, it’s the story that matters. Having the Eclectic lifestyle bridge over into writing is a bonus. Besides it’s the only legal way to bury someone up to their neck for a round of golf. Or cricket. 😉

Why the Two-for-One Deal?
As the title states, it’s all about the eclectic. I feel a reader shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into one genre. So, I created this blog. Good writing is good writing, no matter what. I write my naughty stuff under one pen name so you know what you’re getting and toss the rest to my other name. I even dabble in YA but you won’t see promo on that here.

But you talk about YA
Yes, YA is discussed and often promo’ed here. Why? A lot of adults read it too and they’re the target audience. I have many writer friends who do this and have even caught me up in the whirlwind. Remember, a good story is the basis here.

How about that over 18 rating?
Some of the content in this blog is sexual in nature, though if you’re looking for full nude pics you’ve come to the wrong place. The splash page warns you before entering so that you can’t say I didn’t warn you whenyou start reading the hot and heavy.

Hey, I see you have book reviews here. Will you review my book?
Nope. The book reviews I do here are on a whim and books I choose to read. I can say I actually did one book that I got an ARC copy but that was one I requested, not the other way around. There are so many review sites out there, I’m not really going to dip my foot into that pool.

Okay, but you’re an established author at a publishing house! Will you look over my manuscript?
Nope again, I’m afraid. There are free sites out there, such as Scribophile, that have a good solid core of critiquers. It also makes you give before you get. Before you ask, I’m not interested in swapping manuscripts either. I have a great core group that I share my manuscripts (beyond using Scribophile) and I’m not looking to expanding at this time. Getting your baby bitch-slapped around is a tough thing. I’m used to the sting of the crop from the group I have now.

How did you get started?
I did it in what I call the old fashioned way. I did short stories and submitted them to various magazines and epubs. That’s how I built my portfolio. I got plenty of rejections but it didn’t deter me. That’s the point of it all. Don’t give up. It’s rare that someone’s first publication is a full length novel. Sure, there are stories of it happening out there but it’s like the proverbial needle in a haystack. You can’t hold on to that frayed string as your only hope. Writing takes work and dedication, sometimes years of it. I’ve been writing for over 20 years now and it wasn’t until I got serious and worked on getting better that I found success. If you get a rejection, there’s probably a reason for that. Sure, it could be because they’re not looking for the next 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight but it could be the quality of your work.

And for goodness sakes, stay far, far away from vanity presses. Writers get paid to get published, not the other way around.

Well, you do guest blogs. Mother may I?
I save Fridays for guest blogging because I love helping authors get exposure so I’m more than willing to help out. I find it’s better to do something other than toss a few things like a blurb and excerpt up. My personal favorite is to give a paragraph or so of what might inspired you to write your novel, how you got into the word of writing, or something along those lines. You know, give that golden nugget of a personal touch. excerpts aren’t exactly necessary either. That blurb and cover art is, however.

With a guest blog–when I give you an open date–it now becomes your responsibility to get me the info, preferably at least a week in advance of your blog spot. I prefer Word documents and links to any cover art. I try to get the post set up right away but I always block the date for my guest blogger. Once it’s set, I send you the link for when it goes live. I set my posts to publish at 7AM EST.

I will not, however, chase down a guest blogger if I don’t receive your information. I don’t do it. I also check my email often. If I don’t get back to you with some sort of response, give me a poke. I will respond–always.