Drawlloween Day 17: Toadsday

Last year I took one of my last cruises until I finish my Bachelor’s Degree. Traveling and trying to do homework with spotty internet really hurts the grades. In any case, I enjoyed the way the natives did their art and this one was inspired by how the native Alaskans do it. Not as symmetrical as their talents but I did sneak in my favorite colors.



Drawlloween Day 16: Carnival Carnage

For this I could have gone with a killer clown but that seemed to be a little cliché so I decided the a high-flying act with a twist would suit my needs more. Watch out for those circus types, they can be a real killer. Careful or she’ll also have your guts for garters in the end. Her other foot ran off the page and thus is incomplete as I didn’t want to get carried away in Photoshop with editing if I could help it.


Carnival Carnage