Unfinished Project List

Fate’s Path I: 51K

Fate’s Path II: 27K

Triggers: 29K

Once a Thief: 55K* (sequel to Triggers)

Pale Dragon: 28K*

Mischief & Mayhem, Assassins for Hire: 53K*

Journey of the Damned: 6K

Raven: 10K (have the idea for the second in this series)

Anubis Arises: 11K

The Forest Maiden: 10K* Finished, submitted, and accepted by Evernight Publishing March 2013. Total word count: 22K.

Slave to the Sands: 4K*

Children of the Winter: 16k

Space Shippers (WT): 3K


Shelved projects for 2014:

Cadaver Dave: not even really started about 150 words

The Case of Mr Wolfe: 3K (short story)

Sorrow’s Harvest: 3K (short story)

Saving Maria: 1K (short story)

Last Kiss: 2K (short story)

By the Pale Moon: 1k (short story)

(I’ve noted the NaNo piece with a ‘*’)


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