Stone Chameleon by Jocelyn Adams

I met the lovely Jocelyn Adams on a writing site called Scribophile. I got the privilege of seeing first hand her weave The Glass Man. I love her imagination so I had to dive into this new series too and offer up my humble blog.

About the Author:

Jocelyn Adams grew up on a cattle farm in Lakefield and has remained a resident of Southern Ontario her entire life, most recently in Muskoka. She has worked as a computer geek, a stable hand, a secretary, and spent most of her childhood buried up to the waist in an old car or tractor engine with her mechanically inclined dad. But mostly, she’s a dreamer with a vivid imagination and a love for dark fantasy (and a closet romantic — shhh!). When she isn’t shooting her compound bow in competition or writing, she hangs out with her husband and young daughter at their little house in the woods.

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Series:  Ironhill Jinn, book #1

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Publisher:  MuseItUp Publishing

Release Date:  May 24th, 2013


When a series of unusual murders point to Lou Hudson, Ironhill’s equal rights advocate, as the primary suspect, she has but one choice: find the real perpetrator before her trial begins or face execution.

Lou, the last of the jinn, survives by hiding her abilities after the rest of the elementals fell victim to genocide. As a preternatural pest exterminator and self-proclaimed guardian of the innocent, she’s accustomed to trudging through the dregs of society. Hunting down a pesky murderer should be easy, especially with help from the dashing and mischievous local media darling.

For Lou, though, nothing is ever simple. When she discovers the killer’s identity, to reveal it would unearth her secret and go against her strict moral code, resulting in a deadly catch twenty-two.


When my legs would finally hold me upright—though I still couldn’t stop from snickering—I drew up my courage to face the consequences of my carelessness. A tug opened the door and brought me face-to-face with a smug-looking Amun Bassili. The sight of his laughing, dark-rimmed eyes—resembling those of a stunning Egyptian pharaoh—and the night-black curls falling across his brow stunned me into silence for a few breaths. When my mental cogs reengaged, and I realized the whole night had been thanks to him, a scowl rearranged my face.

“You!” With all my rage, and what I considered to be a sharp mind, and that was all I could come up with? Pathetic. I thrust an accusing finger at his face, but the momentum caused the rest of me to stumble into him.

His arms looped around my back. “There we go. Steady, now.”

After another round of gut-twisting laughter, my face blanked and I thrust my palms against the lapels of his black suit to push him away. “I don’t know what you’re playing at, but I want no part of it. I’ll be filing charges against you in the morning.”

I turned on my heel a little too fast, hopping sideways until I thumped against the wall. Although I’d certainly have a nice bruise in the morning, no pain registered beyond my sugar trip.

A funnel cloud surpassed me, out of which Mr. Bassili materialized as if he’d reassembled himself molecule-by-molecule from his feet to the top of his head, like wind blowing away a sand sculpture, only in reverse. Completely naked, he stood with a casualness that suggested he didn’t notice his lack of clothing. “And what charges would those be? Serving sugar to lady without her knowledge?”

My mouth gaped open until the hinges ached. Unwilling to hear what he’d said, I concentrated on what I’d seen—and tried not to see—as my gaze fought to have its own personal peep show at his magnificent body. Had it been another illusion brought on by the soda? Or had he truly turned into air, moved, and reappeared? “I uh…” Brilliant, Lou. Try as I might, I couldn’t come up with a single intelligible phrase to say about the situation. As I gaped at him, he pulled on his clothes from the pile near the bathroom door where he’d been standing before he blew away.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized he had me as far as the police went, but not with Isaac if it got back to Lord Grouchy Britches that his business partner had kidnapped one of his underlings. I smiled back at Mr. Bassili, crossing my arms and ankles in mock casualness as I leaned against the wall for support. “I’m sure the hive lord will love to know you captured one of his children to pull off this little charade.”

Mr. Bassili threw his arms wide in a gesture of innocence, his shirt still unbuttoned. My, but he was beautiful. “I did no such thing, on the soul of my mother, may lightning strike me dead if I should lie. Connor found the vampire in the maintenance room in the basement two days ago.” His posture relaxed, if only slightly, and he laughed. “I didn’t know he could squeal so very like a frightened girl.”

A scoffing sound came from down the hallway. “I did not squeal like a girl!”

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I had hoped to finish reading this book before the guest blog post dropped but time is a fickle mistress. However, I will say that Stone Chameleon has me hooked and lamenting I don’t have more time to read. I’ve read a little over a quarter of the book and the world Ms Adams has created is amazing. I hope her imagination keeps churning out wonderful worlds for me to discover. This is a recommended read, in my  humble opinion.

Pimp My Book: Let Me Out by Nicole Severns

Welcome to Pimp My Book. Authors helping authors get the word out on the printed word is a great form of kinship among key pounders. A good source of this is guest blogging. Pimp My Book is a series to bring various authors of every kind to my eclectic blog.

Today, we have Nicole Severn again because once is never enough! Their latest release, Let Me Out, came out in February 2012. They’ve come here to give you a little insight on the novel. Enjoy!

Nicole Severn

featuring Let Me Out

First off, I’d like to thank Pam for giving me the opportunity to guest on her blog and thank you for checking me out! I’m Nichole Severn and I write suspense and romance. Occasionally, you’ll see a story in between. My stories are always filled with suspense, opposites attract and emotional roller coasters, but what am I telling you for? Check out my books, Let Me Out and White Trash Beautiful to see for yourself.

Blurb: For a psychopath, murder is addictive.

With every remorseful drop of blood spilled, the violent whispers in her head are silenced, but to Adelaide Banvard’s disappointment, only for a short amount of time.

Used as an assassin, the schizophrenic monster inside her head grows stronger the longer Christian Wren takes advantage of her demons. Knowing this life will have her behind bars or six feet under, Adelaide wants out by any means necessary in order to save her sanity and her life.

For a federal agent, revenge is even sweeter.

ATF Agent Marcus Grant has declared war on Wren after the death of a fellow agent and forces his way into the weapon manufacturer’s entourage to seek his revenge as an undercover bodyguard. Fully aware that men like Wren never risk getting their hands dirty, Marcus sets his sights on the first woman who has captivated him in a long time, Wren’s personal bodyguard, Adelaide Banvard.

Adelaide realizes the man who can put her behind bars for life is the opportunity she needs to overcome her bloodthirsty desires, but can a mute psychopath convince Marcus she’s not the killer he’s after?

Excerpt: Her arms shook with the weight of her body as she pushed herself from the bed and padded lightly toward the bedroom door. Keeping her eyes on Marcus’ form, she slowly opened it, hoping the hinges had been greased enough to let her free without incident. He would try to stop her and she couldn’t let him. Clarity, unlike anything she’d experience before, pounded at her temples, urged her to take action. Not even her delusion needed to manipulate her further. She’d made her decision more than ten years ago.

She eased the door closed behind her, careful with every movement she made toward the stairs. The hardwood floor creaked under her weight, but she kept moving.

The farther she could distance herself from him, the better chance she had of escape.


Do you honestly believe he could stop us now? the monster asked. I’m growing stronger. Soon, nobody will be able to stop me. It stared directly into Adelaide’s eyes, willing its message to be heard clearly. Including you.

She couldn’t respond, only hoped she had enough strength to live through what she had planned for tonight.

Time to hunt.

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