Virgins: How Do They Come?

Yes, a play on words in some respects. I’ve noticed things out there in books and in people’s minds that are baffling me about this mythical beast called “The Virgin”. What is it exactly? How does it make it through its adult life with no concept of body parts or the ones of the opposite sex?

Let’s explore the subject, shall we?

I, for example, remained a virgin until I got married at the tender age of 21. My choice, you see. Not sure if I’d want my kid to make the same choice but that’s neither here or there. Before marriage, I was quite versed on male anatomy. What it looked like, it’s function, and what slot it went into during sex. The procreation one, anyways. I learned the other stuff later through experience though I knew of its existence.

So it begs to question–unless one lives under a rock most of their lives, in a Convent where the mere thought of touching one’s privates provokes a slew of Hail Mary/Our Father rosary time. How can a character in a book be, well, so naïve? Did we learn to call our naughty bits ‘down there’ or did we have a codename for it. Snapper, vagina, penis, pee-pee…the black abyss. Something!

Go a step further. For a women, is it all pain and no glory? Sure, if you’re not primed ahead of time. Yeah, the barrier that signifies virginity has to tear and it’s painful but if the woman is stimulated before hand, it’s not as bad. In the height of passion, some tolerance of pain can happen. Spanking anyone? If a woman is just given the old in and out, it’s not pleasurable no matter if her hoohah is factory sealed.

On the male side, lubrication is a must unless they want to tear the crap out of their engorged wiggle worm. Especially uncircumcised males. And it can happen to circumcised males as well. That’s an experience I never want to see again. “Holy shit! My vagina bit your dick off! AHHHH!”

Sure the innocent female in a story has some appeal but I would think a little more intelligence goes a long way too. Virgins will explore but I don’t know how many would scream to be tied up with someone they hardly know and go through some deprived fantasy their partner has long to try. I will say virgins, for the most part, would ease into the situation with someone they’re comfortable with. Unless alcohol plays a role, I’d have a hard time believing the first time being a one-night-stand.

Maybe it’s just me. The only thing I like to see innocent is the moment. The joy of the first time with someone special. An event to look back on and smile, not frighten the hell out of you. Maybe in the heat of it all, clothes get torn of in lust. I don’t consider it “rape fantasy”. There’s something fun about tearing a little cloth to get at what you want…when it’s consensual. I don’t care who you are.. attaching the word ‘rape’ to anything isn’t sexy or titillating. It’s down right disgusting.

Treat the virgin with some intelligence. They’re not all as ignorant as the word might imply. Some might just surprise you with the knowledge they’ve come across surfing the ‘net, reading a good book, or talking with someone who’s experienced in sexual encounters.