Six Sentence Sunday: The Romance Novel Book Club

Today I bring a clip from newest novel due to be released on November 22, 2012. The Romance Novel Book Club is a labor of love for me and, because I have several projects going at the same time, took about three years to finish. This is what happens when you’re a pantser writer. 😀

In this scene, Patricia is getting a ride home from Matt after her car breaks down.

Damn, I lamented. Too bad it wasn’t a bike. I could have pressed my body up against him and curled my fingers around those amazing abs of his. Okay, at least he didn’t have a muscle car or something else men usually buy to compensate for lack of schlong size. Matt had a nice Ford Taurus. No bragging and no way to gauge his … distance.


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Work in Progress Challenge

Olivia’s been challenged by Jennifer Eaton!

1. Is your WIP Published or Represented? Oh, um, I’ve been bad lately and haven’t written anything. I have two ideas in my head but have been knee deep in other projects to work on them. So I think I’ll dive into the re-release of Boughs of Holly.

2. How long did it take you to write? About a month, being a single short. When Still Moments said they wanted to sell it as a stand alone (It was originally in a Christmas Anthology), I asked if I could add a few scenes. Might as well give it something new and refreshing.

3. What other WIP’s in your genre would you compare it to? Well, it’s a Christmas-themed one. I don’t really know who I’d compare it to because it’s on the humorous side and, IMO, that’s a little rare in pure romance.

4. Which authors inspired you to write this WIP? Honestly, I’m not one to buy Christmas-themed books. I did buy one, because it was my favorite author, but that would be the only reason I would.

5. Tell us anything else that might pique our interest about this WIP. It’s about finding that one true love among the ashes of a broken relationship. Not every second chance is a rebound doomed for failure.

6. Finally: Tag three other Authors and ask them to complete the above interview. Are you going to be mad if I don’t do this? *blushes*

Six Sentence Sunday: Boughs of Holly

Today I have a treat for you from Olivia. Let’s swee what she has to say.

Still Moments has decided to release Boughs of Holly as a single short during the Christmas season. This little minx of a story went through a lot of transformation to get where it ended up. It also marked my first step into being a published romance author.

His world shifted. The sensual tingling of a dream swept his skin. The melody of sleigh bells set the rhythm and she took shape. Chris opened his eyes a slit. Her emerald eyes shone like jewels, the pearl skin sparkled, and she dragged her teeth across her bottom lip. Hips rocking against his pelvis, a soft moan purred from her mouth.

BLURB: Tormented nightly by a naughty little elf, Chris soon realizes her late night seductions just aren’t enough. When he hatches a plan to capture her, not only does here discover his Christmas spirit, but he learns to love again.

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