Release Day: An Outlaw in Her Bed

An Outlaw in Her Bed

Published: July 11, 2014
Breathless Press
western romance

When Ella realizes that her mysterious guest, Travis, has a deadly past, she has to come to terms that it may just be the cause of her husband’s untimely death.

Ella Gilby lost her husband to the perils of living in the wilderness of the new frontier. When her son finds a wounded man in the barn, she does what any Christian woman would do for a needy soul. She takes him in until he’s able to move on, but never expects the attraction to blossom between them.


With a gasp of breath, Travis bolted upright in the bed. Sweat drenched his body. The pitcher Austin had fetched sat on the table beside the bed, beads of moisture running down the side. He’d fallen asleep and remembered…what? Travis groaned and grabbed up his tin cup. Tremors rippled through his fingers. He cursed.

Then, on a whisper of the wind, her heavenly visage blossomed in his head. The shaking subsided and he filled the cup. His thirst took over. Before long, the pitcher was empty yet the heat still burned within. To make matters worse, his bladder had reached its capacity.

Soft moonlight filtered through the wavy glass windows as he made his way through the living area and into the kitchen. His footsteps were light. No telling if the others had turned in for the night. The door creaked, and he stepped out into the chilly night air. His urgency hit him full force. Mindful of the dark, Travis headed toward the back of the house for privacy. Each bush along the barn called to him, but the very first one got the honors. Relief spread through him as he did his business. He jerked at the sound of a coyote in the distance. They were close, but nothing to worry about with him heading back inside.

As he rounded the house, something caught his attention along a small picket fence. He hurried along, the mournful howl of the coyotes ever closer.

“What in…” Lying next to a mound of dirt was Ella sound asleep. Travis scooped her up. She was surprisingly light. The moonlight framed her face. So peaceful like an angel. He took her inside. The scent of her hair tickled his nostrils. A faint smell of wood fire from cooking and the fine sandy earth from the grave lingered. She was heaven and hell all wrapped into one.

He took her into the bedroom and onto the bed. At the doorway, he hesitated. Her legs were all askew. The boots she wore had mud caked on them. He sighed and went back to her side. No sense leaving her with more cleaning in the morning. One by one the boots came off. Not content with leaving her in a dress worse for wear, he searched around her bedroom for her night attire. It hung off the side of a beautiful screen. He tossed it to the bed and lifted Ella to a sitting position.

“Ma’am? Sorry, Ella?” He brushed away the few strands of hair from her face. “I don’t think you want to sleep in your dress.” Her head rolled to the side. Again her intoxicating scent hit him full force. His breeches tightened, and a lump formed in his throat. Closing his eyes, he fumbled with the clasps and buttons on the back of her dress.

“Lord, forgive me,” he whispered. “Wake up and save me from doing this.” Ella did not respond. Continuing his dubious task, he shimmied her arms out. She fell from his arms back onto the bed. Bared in front of him were her unblemished breasts. Unable to contain his growing erection, heat burned in his veins and fueled its ascension. Yet he never looked away, much to his embarrassment. Ella was a fine sight to behold. Though she wore her tan lines well, the pale flesh she kept hidden from the world enticed him to touch, nip, and taste. He reached over for her nightgown, and guided her head through. His elbow grazed her nipple. A slight moan whistled through his lips. What wicked thoughts brewed in his head? He worked quickly to slide her arms through the sleeves. The rest of the dress crumpled to the floor.

Tucked under her blankets, she posed no threat to his aching trousers. At the doorway, he stared at her sleeping peacefully. Slumber would elude him this night. Her flesh would torment his dreams if he dared lie down. He’d form a plan to keep his distance from her so that his want to touch her soft skin would not boil over to unwanted advances. The woman had lost her husband and didn’t need some stranger pawing at her.

Back in his room, Travis propped himself up against the wall trying to conjure up the image he had when he’d fallen asleep previously. Time ticked by, and the pink glow of a new day stretched into his room. Only one thing slid across the recesses of his mind: Ella half undressed resting peacefully on her bed.

“I am surely bound for hell.” He jumped off the bed and headed outside. Perhaps dunking his head in the trough would clear his unclean thoughts away.


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New Release: Her Beauty Within

Release day is finally here and I have a surprise for you: Her Beauty Within. This was a story I originally published with Still Moments Publishing. When they merged with The Wild Rose Press, I got my rights back to it along with three other stories. One was my free Christmas read Holly–and something I plan to do every year. Another was Mended Hearts–more on that on a later date. And finally The Beauty Within. Obviously I tweaked the name a little bit. Like Holly, I expanded the story and added a good amount of words. My editor with Breathless Press also found things I missed the first time around with my other publisher. Talk about a great way to really make this story shine.

Her Beauty Within 200x300BLURB:

Adele lives a privileged life. High in the great oak that is her kind’s home, the pixie does as she pleases including playing cruel pranks on the wingless sprites who dwell in the tree. When one of the Council of Eight decides Adele needs to be taught a lesson, the pixie is cast down into the world of the sprite. Without the finery that made her one of the privileged of the society, Adele must find the meaning of true beauty and what love entails or be cast out forever.

Now here’s the best part: It’s only 99 plus there’s a coupon code inside to save on more Breathless Press titles. How great is that?

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I’ve been writing for most of my life but never had the courage until about four years ago to actually submit something to a publisher.  It’s a hard business but like spring, every story I start is a new beginning. A fresh start to begin the process anew. No matter how my publications you have under your belt, it doesn’t get easier.

I started a pirate tale with the intent of sending it to a publisher I had previously sent a few pirate tales to, though they were fantasy. This one, however, was historical. The more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to send it to this particular publisher. However, I had a great experience with Breathless Press. Don’t get me wrong, I love how I’ve been treated with Evernight publishing. However, this pirate tale was more on the near sweet romance side.

I built the story around two brothers–Daithi and Aedan. One was a man who found a woman at every port to lay with. The other? Only his Kaitlin stayed in his mind. I put the brothers through the wringer. Aedan wouldn’t be denied, however. His love waited for him, and he had to get back to her as all costs.

Historicals are one of my favorites to write because for me, they parallel fantasy. When I write fantasy, I use a lot of elements from the world’s history to build the world. Please enjoy the blurb for Muir Bhreatan


Blurb: Liberators of gold from the British on the high seas, Aedan ó Loinsigh and his brother have never shied away from a challenge on the open waters. Aedan’s only tie to solid ground is the lovely Kaitlin who possesses him like no other. When the brothers are captured and awaiting execution, a mysterious man offers to free them if they pay off their debt aboard his ship. The brothers waste no time in agreeing to the proposal only to find their new lives are not much better than those of slaves. Desperate to reach Kaitlin again, Aedan must figure out a way to save not only the other indentured servants aboard the ship but get back to his true love. Salvation could come at a price. One that Aedan will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Breathless Press | All Romance | Book Strand | Amazon

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