Pimp My Book

I came up with Pimp My Book because I wanted fellow authors to showcase their latest release on my blog. Since I write a variety of genres, I wanted it open to every genre though, I’m afraid, the blog itself is a bit on the rated ‘R’ side. So, with that being said, it doesn’t mean that if you have a YA novel coming out you can’t ‘pimp’ it here. It just means we can’t link it for kiddos under 18 to find. I’m all about freedom of speech but not into the corruption of minors. 😉 I do know, however, a lot of adults also read YA so this spotlight is for them.

Now onto the formula I use.

This is how I lay it out:
1) Introduction by me
2) little gabba-gabba hey from the author (Come on, Pimp yourself!)
3) Book blurb
4) excerpt (including the cover art which I yoink elsewhere as in, I need a link not the bookcover itself)
5) Buy links (I use my Google-Fu, also, to make sure we didn’t miss anything)
6) Where to stalk the author (Website, Blog, FB, Twitter–everything you want out there!)

You can also include a giveaway, if you want! Bear in mind, when the winner is picked and/or announced is up to you. If you want, I’ll throw up a post here to announce the winner but the drawing the winner is in your court.

Once you have all your information gathered, please send it either in the body of an email or in an unformatted MSWord document to Kastil Eavenshade.

In order to participate, your book must already have been released. This is to get the word out on an already out there book for people to buy. I’m also open to authors who would like to guest blog. Please use the same contact info for that as well.

Please note I prefer the info for Pimp My Book at least a week before your scheduled date. I don’t want anyone to lose their spot, especially when the dates are filling up and rescheduling could take you at least a month out. I reserve the right to bump your spot if I don’t have what I need to highlight your book. I prefer not to do this if at all possible.