Pam Bitner

Pam enjoys writing fantasy the best though she’s dabbled in other genres. She’s also designed a few logos on her art side.

The Salvation of the Brotherhood

Santiago is reunited with his love, the son he never knew existed, and killed his rival but his past isn’t quite buried yet. He has one individual to deal with before he can move on with his new life and role in The Brotherhood–His father.

While Santiago was away from the isle of Castillo, his father did more than give away his inheritance to James. He gathered the enemies of The Brotherhood to slowly strip away the treaty the Pyrate Pact brought to the original houses. Santiago soon realizes that his rescue by Captain de Levell goes deeper than removing a thorn from The Brotherhood’s side. It clutches at the precarious notion of Santiago’s drive for revenge on all who had a hand at harming the people he holds dear.

Left with the choice to leave in the dead of night with his family or fight for what he once believed in, Sanitago is left with trusting the one thing that’s never truly failed him—his sword.

Available in Pulp Empire”s Pirates & Swashbucklers Vol II on Amazon in ebook format or print.

The Mark of the Brotherhood

Bashear Galvani Santiago lived a good life on the isle of Castillo until his brothers were brutually murdered. Thrust into responsibility he thought he would avoid being the youngest child, Bashear soon finds his enemies have conspired against him along with his father. Whisked away from his home and his beloved, Bashear must figure out whether to resign to the fate handed to him or fight for all he has lost.

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science fiction
Lorcan wakes from suspended animation alone on an alien ship. Warnings echo off the walls and piles of wintery ash are the only remains of the inhabitants of the ship. On a crash course with a planet, Lorcan’s got to save himself from a fiery death.

Originally published in the Golden Visions Magazine Summer 2011 print issue.


Fate Whispers

paranormal horror
Claire is one of Fate’s Children. She’s been given a task to remove a life from the tapestry of life but, as with every one she is given, Claire does not want to obey. She soon finds out that her maker does not take no for an answer.

Originally published by Golden Visions Magazine in their Spring 2011 online edition.



Death Comes

Witnessing the death of his people and caught unaware to stop it, Areus must fight to survive. In order to get his revenge, he must first get through a throng of men just like him.

This was a flash fiction piece I wrote shortly after Andy Whitfield’s death. The show he starred in–Spartacus–was the inspiration. I’ve always had a thing for the history of gladiators and their role in ancient society.

Published by Golden Visions Magazine in their Winter 2012 online edition.


She Whispers

paranormal horror
Ellen is one of the Children of Fate. Bound to service after her death during WWII, she lives vicariously through the people see must guide to the other side. When it’s time to send her latest, she almost fails because of the mortal bond she created with him. Will she remember her purpose or fail the one who pressed her into servitude.

This is a sister story to Fate Whispers and published by Golden Visions Magazine online.