Olivia Devereaux

Olivia loves the sweeter side of romance. While some of her publications have the actual ‘deed’ in them, it’s not the one of the main elements of the story. For her it’s about two people making that magical connection despite the world trying to pull them apart.

Boughs of Holly

urban fantasy
Tormented nightly by a naughty little elf, Chris soon realizes her late night seductions just aren’t enough. When he hatches a plan to capture her, not only does here discover his Christmas spirit, but he learns to love again.

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“Boughs of Holly brings a lovesick elf into the life of a lonely man. There is enough heat between the two to melt the polar ice caps. This story is five stars.” L. Blake

The Beauty Within

Adele lives a privileged life. High in the great oak that is her kind’s home, the pixie does as she pleases including playing cruel pranks on the wingless sprites who dwell in the tree. When one of the Council of Eight decides Adele needs to be taught a lesson, the pixie is cast down into the world of the sprite. Without the finery that made her one of the privileged of the society, Adele must find the meaning of true beauty and what love entails or be cast out forever.

Published in Still Moments Spellbound Hearts Anthology. Available at Still Moments Publishing and Amazon.

Mended Hearts

Ella Gilby lost her husband to the perils of living in the wilderness of the new frontier. When her son finds a wounded man in the barn, she does what any Christian woman would do for a needy soul. She takes him in until he’s able to move on but never expects the attraction to blossom between them. When she realizes that her mysterious guest Travis has a deadly past, she has to come to terms that it may just be the cause of her husband’s untimely death.

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