Anxiety Managing

I’ve been through a lot in the past four years. In reflection, how I dealt with leaving an abusive relationship and figuring out how to manage my finances on a limited income surprised me. I could have allowed the whole scenario to defeat me. The great wide world of depression can drag you down to depths that will compound any situation to a runaway train tilting off the tracks. My nature is not one of control. For example, I can’t expect to remove all traces of cat hair from a room and walk in it an hour later to see it remain so. Fur tumbleweeds thrive in the smallest of places. I can also seek isolation when anxiety reaches critical mass. However, when in the working world, just running from a problem can potentially make you unemployed. Coping mechanisms—perhaps a stress ball—can help you power through the day until something as relaxing as meditation can be employed. Or a forced hug fest with one of your cats. Whatever works. Just have bandages at the ready.

I laughed when reading the 101 things I could utilize to manage my stress levels. “Plan B” in particular has always been a favorite of mine. In fact, I put more stock in a secondary plan that the initial one put into play. Life is full of pitfalls and traps if a backup isn’t on the list, movement forward could cease and possibly lead to missed opportunities. Drive isn’t the issue, it’s the anxiety that builds that messes with the delicate balance of managing one’s life. Sometimes it’s one shot to achieve a dreams and sometimes you realize that’s not the path for you. Destiny is a forking road. Embrace it.

So we must manage all the stress and anxiety the world throws at us like a 90 mile an hour curveball. It’s okay to not know everything, decline an invitation, or sleep an extra hour on the weekend. Break free of the guilt yet take responsibility for your actions. Even in adulthood peer pressure can rear its high school head. We must ask ourselves why we feel compelled to jump off the figurative bridge to please anyone. The real person everyone needs to take care of is the one staring back in the mirror. Being a person who utters “yes” at every moment can batter your self-worth and leave no “me” time. We all need that to recharge. Remember that.