The Work-Life Balance Reflection

I had the privilege of being one of the few in my company to take a course on being an effective supervisor. Not only did it stress how to talk to your subordinates, how to time manage was a cornerstone activity. Even with this knowledge, and mapping out my workday, I found that too many variables would throw it out of alignment. In the wicked world of retail, many things can and will carve away at your managed time. For example, a large special order for a customer who walked in the door two minutes ago and is planning a wedding. Weekly goals and schedules are easier to manage my time with than individual days. This way if something goes wrong, I have a few important tasks to complete instead of large scale menial tasks. I also have no issue in letting my boss know if anything she has for me will be completed on the spot or if I will shift it to another date. I am always firm on my answer.

At home I have a better grasp on my surroundings. Other than my fluffy minions’ demands, I can take charge of what I decide to do with the remaining time I have before the rinse and repeat starts anew the next day. Even with this in mind, I find that several distractions attempt to thwart my plans to finish homework early or prepare meals for the upcoming week. An interesting movie on the television or another idea for a novel could throw off my plans. I should be stronger in resisting but the truth is, I am not. I spend too many years not being able to do what I wanted that I have a rebellious streak in my bones.

So how do I juggle all these mind-numbing distractions and monkey wrenches? My ultimate goal—obtaining my degree—is my compass. By making finishing school in a timely manner my number one priority, I have a better chance of succeeding with anything I lay out before me. This translates to work because what I achieve there is training for what I will do in the future. So instead of turning on the news when I get home from work that will definitely lead to watching a movie or show, I leave the time sink off. My phone is kept out of reach as well as I love surfing the internet too much on it. At least on the laptop I can focus on what I’m doing far easier. While the tools to aid me are out there, I have to remain aware of that rebellious streak that will dismantle any plans I have of utilizing them. It’s the goal of bettering myself that will always be the driving force to succeed.