Drawlloween in April: Day 27, The End is Nigh

I have never drawn the Great One before but dang, I loved playing with the black and grey tones. I used Prismacolor markers and a blending brush.

Theme of the Day: Call of C’Thursday




Drawlloween in April: Day 26, He’s back!

Our alien has decided that Earth seems like a pretty good vacation spot but he’s sticking to a remote island to hide from those pesky Area 51 guys. I hope that volleyball doesn’t rat him out!


Theme of the Day: They Came From Outerspace


Drawlloween in April: Day 25, Depression

Sorry, no clever title today. This one had a meaning beyond drawing for Drawlloween 2016. This is what depression feels like. Lost in the darkness with a heavy weight above you ready to crush. The doorway is just right there to escape but you’re too afraid to move. I’ve had people suggest I frame this piece and hang it. The reminder I have to keep fighting is a tattoo I carry with me everyday. Hanging this up serves no point, IMO, than to have a conversation piece inside my safe zone. Not having it.


Theme of the Day: Entombed Tuesday