Registration: A Reflection on College Course Selection

Thus my college paper musings begin. Check back on Wednesdays starting in May for more.

While it would be nice for an automated system to select my courses for more than the first semester and relieve me of that stress, that’s not how the world works. I must put on my big girl pants and stop the wailing and gnashing. The hand-holding session had come to an end and I must travel into the unknown alone. My journey was not without peril. The standard arm’s length worth of accounting courses weren’t the only fishes in the pond. We mustn’t forget the electives, precious. The first order of business was to contact my advisor. I had been in college in what seems like a millennia ago and I needed to know what courses transferred. I mean, I took several before I tapped out. How demoralizing to find out only one course counted. My road stretched impossibly long yet my footfalls marched forward.

What course could I possibly take in my one-two punch a semester? Accounting II was a given. I have the book already which saves cash for now. My mind traveled to one of the numerous English courses. Flashbacks of English 101 in all its nightmarish red pen attacks for using such words and “few” or “several” instead of actual physical numbers caused such anxiety. I decided perhaps Psychology would suit me better. Besides, maybe I could learn how to have long meaningful conversations with myself—or discover the psychology behind why no one at work seems to be able to refill the water cooler. Am I sure I made the right call? That remains to be seen but I thoroughly loved the course in high school.

Through the whole process, my advisor was outstanding. When I couldn’t sign up for Accounting II because I’m currently in Accounting I, she galloped in on her mighty steed called Email and saved the day. Or something to that effect. Regardless, I’ve had tremendous help and couldn’t have picked a better college. The support is outstanding.

With my transfer worksheet in hand, I’ll be able to map out the rest of my degree. Perhaps I’ll drive myself insane and take more than two courses while working forty hours, maintaining a household alone, and submitting to the demands of my furry overlords. Good thing I chose that psychology course after all.


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  1. I did a full load for my master’s program whilst single handedly raising a teen ager and working a full time job. I feel your pain and send you vibes of strength and fortitude to carry you through the journey :-).

    • I missed this because school is crazy with being in an accelerated program. Congrats to you! Sometimes school doesn’t happen when we’re young but always approving and setting goals has mo age.

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