Palermo (Sicily), Italy

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento

The place of my mother’s lineage. The motherland. Home.

Worst. Excursion. Ever.

In hindsight we should have cancelled the tour and picked something else when we saw that the tour was being cut short and the meal exchanged for a box lunch that was a joke. One the experiences, beyond the history, was the food for me. What you get on the ship doesn’t compare to the local flavor. Greece showed me that. Still, I let the history guide my hand and went head first. Have I mentioned this was the first tour that didn’t include a nice alcoholic beverage? (BOOOO!)

We walked around the Temple of Juno first. Straight up a few steps that didn’t quite rival the Acropolis. However, touring in another group was the Ant Whisperer so there goes the whining again. Luckily, neither her or her husband could traverse the steps. Lucky me for one area at least.
Next came the Temple of Hercules where I took a picture of a statue in all its uncircumcised glory. My mother kindly posed next to the third leg while I took a gander at the backside. The Temple of Zeus was nearby so I, of course, cracked the joke about how Zeus liked to slip his willie in any vagina that wiggled in his direction. He was truly the man whore of his time.

The sites were great but the whole tour was rushed because of the traffic jams and construction we had to go through. We actually spent more time on the bus than at the actual place. That to me is unacceptable. I didn’t enjoy the trip and instead of appreciating the history, I was more focused on taking pictures. Carnival did refund some of the money because of this. One thing you have to watch out for at the end of the Valley is the slew of guys selling cheap beads on a string. Seriously, do not make contact. They will try to rip you off and will not stop hassling you–even if you cross the street.