Crete (Herakloin), Greece

Knossos, Wine Tasting & Archanes Village


At the time of this post’s creation I am sooo drunk. Thanks, Crete! Today was the day of touring King Minos’ territory. We’re talking the mythos of the Minotaur and the labyrinth, This was an excavation site in progress so not everything was open to the public. However, the landscape was beautiful to walk. Seriously, Carnival knows how to treat their people. Our guides always have tons of information and just adore their countries. I took a ton of pictures thanks to my uncle having a battery that was compatible with my camera. My sister and I snuck away to from the group to make sure we got into this one place … that had the throne of Kings Minos. A long line for a two minute peek. Still, historical so I loved it.

Cripes, I love everything about this culture!

A stray cat that shared some of my meal sans the booze.

A stray cat that shared some of my meal sans the booze.

We went to a wine tasting that first showed us a twenty minute video on Crete’s agriculture of wine and olives before tasting. I wanted to buy a bottle of wine but my suitcase clocked in at 50 pounds and I don’t want to pay extra*. I did, however, buy some olive oil and a cute urn as a memento. I prefer shot glasses but this was too cute to pass up.

I booked this excursion because a meal was involved and I wanted to try local dishes. I was so not disappointed! I lost count of the courses because DRUNK! Between the two bottles of wines and lovely local liqueur, I was quite toasty. The locals were cheering me on. An Australian called my sister a one pot screamer! Seriously, she can’t handle her drink at all. Me, on the other hand, did two more shots before we left. Had we stayed longer, I would have downed more. Between the food and booze, I was feeling pretty good.

Best excursion this trip.



*I found out going back to the states my suitcase weight never mattered. All that wine I left on the shelves. :cries: