Valletta, Malta

Tour Taken: Top 10 Best of Malta


Marsaxlokk fishing boats

This tour was so long! One thing my sister and I wished we had were the whisper radios like we had for Athens. The guide gave great information—if you could hear it. While she repeated a lot of things back on the bus, we still missed a few history points. Plus, I felt rushed through the sites. We did, however, get a side quest to the cliffs in Malta. Absolutely beautiful as far as the eyes could see and another site where Game of Thrones was filmed.

A low light of the trip had to be candidates for the whiniest twats in the land. This lady who was with her husband on a trip … that required lots of walking. He has MS but since her knee was bothering her, she commandeered his wheelchair and acted like a total douche canoe the whole time. Everything was a complaint from her mouth. The icing on the cake was she complained that she couldn’t hear the tour guide—as if any of us could—and then said she could hear an ant crawling across the floor. So we named her the Ant Whisperer. Trust me, it wasn’t a fun jest. We got commentary from others in the tour group that had the displeasure of being on other tours with this couple.

First stop was Valletta which is also where we ended. The whole city was wall to wall limestone. So beautiful. Also visited was Mdina—the site of season one for Game of Thrones. Marsaxlokk was along the way and I saw vibrant fishing boats. We treated ourselves to coffee and let me tell you, I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach what we call coffee in America. It’s so velvety smooth and delicious without adding any sugar. Certainly not the bitter swill Starbucks pushes. I bought nougat in the market place. They had fig bars too but I abstained. My stomach wasn’t ready for food because at this point, ship crud had started to steel in.


This is the place where St John was beheaded and his Knights lived. Amazing how this little island was used and abused over the centuries. The Romans, Turks, and French. Good gravy. This whole region is just torn from greedy countries and reigns. They all speak English because of the time the British occupied the island as well as their own language that is a mish-mash. We were treated to local wine and a light snack that was really a meal. I tried a local beverage called Kinnie. While I liked it at first, the bitterness of the orange lingered on the tongue too long.

After this trip, I’ve had to return the battery to my uncle as he didn’t want me to completely drain it. So tomorrow I will suit up with my mother’s camera. Good thing she’s been here before. St John’s Cathedral drained most of it with not being able to use the flash. I saw Caravaggio’s painting of the beheading of St John. At the end of the tour, I was so ready to leave Malta. Not because it was boring but because I had thoroughly exhausted my energy reserves. The tours don’t get any easier from here on out, lasting at least 8 hours. At this point, I’m going to have to beg off on France. Otherwise, I am going to get sick. It’s too taxing and I’ve been to France already. Italy is more important from a cultural standpoint.




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