Kotor, Montenegro

Tour Taken: Montenegro Highlights


I can see my ship from here!

We were originally scheduled to visit Turkey but with all the unrest, it was cancelled. One thing that both tour guides mentioned was the political turmoil in the countries—especially in Montenegro. How their country tears itself from within over and over. A travesty that humans don’t seem to get all over the world–and I mean everywhere.

The first leg of the tour wound up this steep hill of serpentine roads fit for two mini coopers. Twenty-five of these OH MY GOD we’re going to DIE! in both directions roads. Not to mention that reaching the top wasn’t the highest point nor the end of the death-defying bends in the road. Couple that with it being two way traffic and we’re in a bus with buses coming in the opposite direction. I didn’t realize that I should have packed my rosary. Still, the rocky countryside was beautiful and our guide loved showing us her country.


At a quaint little village, we enjoyed a small lunch of prosciutto and cheese on homemade bread with a choice of red wine, beer called Nik (local!), and grappa—a brandy and very high in alcohol content. I had the beer because the guide had me at beer, local, and lager. We didn’t have much time at the village, unfortunately, because it was back in the bus and praying to Jesus time. The next stop was the castle of Nikola Petrovic I. I couldn’t take pictures as it wasn’t permitted. Some douchebags did but I behaved. The history and the guns/swords—mostly for show—were beautiful. Our guide told us that women, in order to be married, had to hand make a dress for the giving away part. That tradition ended with her grandmother and she said if it hadn’t, there would be a lot of single girls in Montenegro. Thanks, Caroline, you were great!


Part of the road of DOOM

Part of the road of DOOM

We were supposed to get a tour of Kotor on the way back. An ancient city behind a great wall much like Old Town in Dubrovnik. Because of those torturous roads, we didn’t get that nor did I have the opportunity to get my shot glass souvenir. I wasn’t happy about that. All that rich history and I was going to miss it because of the time it took on that heart attack highway. The ship was delayed because of how late we and some other buses were as well. Trust me when I say the water was quite cold as the tender hauled ass to get us back to the ship.

While it was poor planning, I hope Carnival keeps Montenegro on their ports because it is a wonder. Our guide cautioned us that if you visit, rent a driver not a car. Those roads are not for the weak and neither is the grappa.

The castle that has a billion six steps that people paid to torture themselves on. NOT IT!

The castle that has a billion six steps that people paid to torture themselves on. NOT IT!



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