Parents Behaving Badly: Accountability WTF Factor

If been lax in my duties in blogging. So many things have been swirling in my head that I’m having trouble concentrating. I had two choices in what to lay out for today–and I still have my trip to toss out–but I’m going with this one because it’s seething the most.

Brock Turner, convicted rapist that was a student of Stanford University.

This is another case where some athlete’s life was “ruined” because … oh my gosh! … he made one bad choice. Why should he suffer? Well if you’re the judge in this case–Santa Clara County Superior Court judge, Aaron Persky–you decide that something that normally goes for a 14 year sentence down to a paltry six months. Oh yeah you read that right. His words? “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him. I think he will not be a danger to others.” Because, you know, the victim in this has a severe impact on her but let’s downgrade that for some privileged little douchebag who’s lost his scholarship to a private University. Boo-hoo, mother fuckers. Welcome, again, to the entitlement age. Remember the affluenza case? Well here we fucking go again.

It gets worse, however, when this cunt nugget’s father steps to the plate to bemoan about his poor wittle silver-spooned spawn.


What the actual fuck, people? I’ve blogged about this over and over. How the sexualization of women in this day and age is deplorable. Women are nothing but penis ports. A method in which slot V is penetrated by tab P because of the way she looks at a man or what she’s wearing or that she drank too much or walked down the wrong path at the wrong time of night. How could she? How could she dare to think she had freedom against sexual assault? Doesn’t she know the unwritten laws of men that says if she violates these clauses, all bets are off and she wanted it.

Holy mother of Christ! This is society here and now. This is the court systems caring more about the perpetrator than the actual victim. I’m all for innocent until proven guilty but when the jury comes back and says “He fucking did it and needs to pay for his crimes”, give him the sentence. What if this was some high school drop out that raped her? What if this was his first “20 minutes of indiscretion”? What’s the probability of leniency? Zero percent. Talking about how the guilty as fuck Brock’s life is ruined and never mentioning what the victim has gone through in a course of a year is just icing on the degradation of women cake.

If you think that Brock’s past of no criminal activity deserves some merit, rethink that with this gem. That’s right. An innocent man served five years for a rape he didn’t commit. No leniency. NONE.

The two men who stopped the act on the victim of Brock Turner are the real men in this story. They are the ones that would lay a woman who is blacking out on a bed, cover her with a blanket, and let her sleep it off. As for Brock and his shitty father, they need to learn what being a gentlemen is about. How treating a woman as more than a object for their pleasure should be taught, not the perils of promiscuity. How a passed out or black out person slurring their speech isn’t magically coherent to say “yes” to what you were after all along.

Fucking read the letter to the court from the victim of this case. Tell me she deserved it and I’ll tell why you’re fucking wrong.

I want a world where women don’t have to worry about the evils of what happens when a man thinks with the wrong organ. Until the punishment fits the crime instead of the upbringing, I don’t see that happening any time soon.