Dubrovnik, Croatia

Country Home in Konavle


My mother had done this trip on a previous visit and recommended it to me. I’m glad I went! The country home in Konavle was beautiful. We shared a lovely meal with raisin brandy and a very nice dry red was delightful. We were treated to traditional music that was outstanding. Above is just one of many pictures I captured. My purchase of the day was olive oil though I was sorely tempted to buy the brandy as well. That’s the issue with the first stop. I’m reserved in what I spend. Maybe I’ll be fortunate to go again.

Narrow roads and steep cliffs were the name of the game on our trip. We stopped on a peak and I took some nice shots from a high vantage point using my longer lens. I also almost lost my wallet when it slipped from my camera case. Luckily, some thick brush kept it within reach and away from tumbling down a steep incline. Needless to say, I moved its placement in the case. Thank you nature for saving my ass!


Fun fact about Dubrovnik is Game of Thrones is/was filmed there. Specifically, King’s Landing in Old Town which I’ll get to shortly. I recognized some of the areas but really didn’t have the time to explore. My bladder was screaming and public restrooms/toilets? Nowhere to be seen. Most of my time overseas brought me to the conclusion of how spoiled we are in America with public restrooms. My mother warned me to have tissues in case toilet paper wasn’t present but no bathroom/ water closet altogether? *whimper*

Our tour guide, a lovely woman, told us interesting things about Croatia. For Example, how Dubrovnik is cut off because a swath of Bosnia runs through it. That dates back to the Ottoman Empire when an earthquake devastated the area and to pay tribute, they gave some land that had sea access. Needless to say, Croatians that want to reach the rest of their country must have a passport to travel. Because of tourism, Dubrovnik also pays its ‘fair’ share of taxes and such. Amazing how the corruption in politics spans the globe. This was a key discussion throughout most of our tours. We’re not alone in strife though I think we’re a bit more whiney about it.

Visited Old Town within the rampart walls. Very small place with lots of steps going up. Good grief I got some exercise in! The climate was mild, for me. For the townfolk? Not so much. Considering they had orange trees growing right outside the main entrance in to Old Town, I’d say they’ve never seen snow except on the mountain peaks in the dead of winter.  The rich history was a blessing to see.





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