Objectifying the Female Body

I’m a big girl. Always have been since puberty hit me over the head. My thin frame grew hips and more. Under the BMI scale, I was overweight in middle school. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but heaven forbid a real scale be used. When I thought about joining the military, I had to go and get my fat levels tested because–again–I was over the limit. I passed with flying colors. Why? Muscle weighs more than fat.

That was then and I’ll readily admit I could drop some poundage. However, I’m not scale watcher. That thing needs burned in a bonfire. Instead I go by clothes size. I’ve lost two sizes since 2012 and am back in the size I was before I was pregnant with my son–all by changing my diet. But this post isn’t about dieting or exercise. This is about the stigma in society that women should all be these reed thin people and if you got a body, you should flaunt it–except if you breastfeeding then ewww.

My son from a photo so long ago. Breastfeed baby and rarely sick because of it.

My son from a photo so long ago. Breastfeed baby and rarely sick because of it. I always snuggled with him after his last feeding in the night.

Yeah, that’s what we’ve come to. Women’s bodies are amazing. We grow an actual life inside our glorious one-of-a-kind uterus. We’ve got these great devices called breasts that produce food for our little minions as soon as they are born. But that’s not what we’re supposed to think them as, are we? No, the male-dominated society had determined that breasts are sexual hand mats and shouldn’t be flopped out in public unless you are giving a free show. Mothers have to nearly suffocate their infant with a covering so special little snowflakes don’t get their delicate sensibilities in a twist. Never mind that staring is considered rude in polite society. If you don’t like it, don’t look. Such a simple concept that people don’t seem to grasp. I breastfeed in private because that was my choice. However, when my kid got hungry, I had no issues in letting the chow hound latch on–unless my pig of a husband (now ex yay!)stepped in and showed his disgust. I once drove home with a screaming baby because I shouldn’t feed him at a friend’s house or in the car before leaving. Seriously. One time he got hungry and while I had milk expressed, it was cold and no baby wanted that. I fed him in the car in a convenience store parking lot while my ex grumbled about not getting to his precious beach sooner. Yeah, sorry your child’s hunger was such a burden, you prick.

We are a society that shames a woman yet points our fingers across the seas at women who have it worse. Newsflash: if you’re denying women respect or the right to feed their children with the gifts nature has provided, you’re no different. Women still get paid less than a man for doing the same job. We are bombarded with shows that tell us how to accessorize or dress for ‘success’ while men put on the same three piece suit and change out a tie for variety.

How about body image? She’s too fat or she’s too skinny. You’re at an unhealthy weight. If you had bigger boobs, you’d feel better about yourself. Just try this makeup to hide your flaws. On and on and on …..

From an early age, girls are bombarded with unrealistic body types and expectations. So few, in my opinion, build these little darlings up. I’m sick of seeing friends who struggle trying to lose weight be subjected to cruelty. I would rather know that what they’re putting in their bodies is healthy than what their outer appearance is because everyone has different body types. Just because someone looks like they’re in shape doesn’t mean they’re not a tick away from having a heart attack.

Before we judge someone else’s society and the way their women are treated, maybe we should take a hard look around at our imperfections. Don’t shame women who want to give their babies the best thing for them straight from the tap. Treat people who have different body shapes like human beings. Build your fellow man up and stop being a judgmental douche canoe.




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