Lust, Sex and Tattoos by Sheri Velarde

Today I would like to talk a little bit about writing and inspiration. Where do you get your ideas from is one of the most often asked questions to authors and the answer? From anywhere. Literally I pull ideas and inspiration from everywhere. From my own life, from my own loves, from my friends, from my enemies. Seriously my brother and I went through a rough patch and I killed him off in a novella. If you make me mad I will make you into a character and get my revenge. I like to sit out in public and watch people to see their unique ticks. Sometimes a person that I have never met and know nothing about becomes a character with a full back story already there. See what I mean when I say inspiration can come from anywhere?

Another place that I find inspiration is in other art forms. A painting may feel me with emotions that then make their way into a book. A comic might help me learn to spice up my dialogue. Music helps me develop my characters. When I get an idea for a character I try to come up with a soundtrack for them. The type of music my character would listen to really gets me in their minds and helps me understand them. On a personal level I find the inspiration to follow my dreams from a lot of my music heroes. Last year I stood about 10 feet from Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and to see him still loving what he does was so inspirational! He does what he loves and it shows, that’s what I want out of life! Or recently I was so inspired by the late Lemmy Kilmister who was literally dying and performed concerts up until two weeks before his passing. Again, he was doing what he loved and until the very end. I suffer from some health issues and that really hit home with me and made me even more determined to keep going at my writing no matter what!

If you want a specific example of inspiration coming to life in a story, let’s take a look at my re-release of Lust, Sex and Tattoos. Since I happen to have 16 tattoos myself, the idea of setting a story in a tattoo parlor appealed to me. I even briefly dated a tattoo artist or two in my younger days. So that is where the basis of the story took place. Then I added in the time I accompanied a friend to get her first tattoo, that’s where the smart mouth friend in the story comes from, a little me in there. I also pulled on friends who had left abusive relationships to find themselves stronger and happier. Karen is not any one particular person, but rather a composite of people, a beautifully damaged character learning her own strength.

As you can see I really do pull on my real life, then mix in my imagination and see where the muse takes me!

 Lust 12 in cover

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Short Blurb:

Karen is a woman looking to make a new beginning after breaking away from an abusive past. Her first stop is a tattoo shop, to show herself that she is no longer afraid to live her life the way she sees fit and to mark her freedom with a permanent reminder to never go back. When she catches sight of her tattoo artist, Ben, well she suddenly has things other than ink on her mind. Ben is wild, free and uninhibited, everything that she wants to be and more. Soon she is left alone with the man that embodies her dreams and sparks begin to fly. It’s safe to say that she gets way more than she bargained for when she originally stepped into his shop, as Ben helps her unleash her wild child and truly begin her life again. One wild night can truly change a woman forever.

Short Excerpt:

With measured steps to try to hide her nerves, Karen followed him through the curtains and down a hall lined with tattooing rooms. She could hear the needles more clearly now and for a moment she thought of running from the shop just to escape that unnerving sound. Taking a deep breath, she continued on, knowing she could, and would do this, to prove something to herself if nothing else. Ben’s tattoo room was in the very back and away from the others who were working. She stepped in and he closed the door behind them. She was completely alone with the most alluring man she had ever met. She gulped. This was definitely going to be an interesting night.

Ben motioned for her to take a seat on the tattoo chair as he sat down on a rolling stool. “Hop on up and take your shirt off for me and lay on your side, facing me.”


Author Bio:

Sheri Velarde, lives in New Mexico with her husband and their two dogs.

Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living. She specializes in all things paranormal and that go bump in the night. Her heart truly lies in exploring unknown worlds or adding the supernatural to our world. If it goes bump in the night or has magical connotations, Sheri writes about it.


She is constantly putting out new material with various publishers, so it is best to keep up with her on her website


In her spare time Sheri is an artist, jewelry designer, independent comic writer/artist and freelance non-fiction writer. Hiking in the mountains, going to live concerts, art openings, museums, and hosting intimate dinner parties.














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  1. Inspiration for me, primarily it seems to be music and art. Though on occasion I find inspiration in writing collaboratively with others or reading the stuff they wrote. Seeing what they wrote, how wonderful it is, and the feelings it makes me experience always fills me with a desire to do more, to be more. . . to write better, I suppose, and improve myself.

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