Cover Reveal: An Outlaw in Her Bed

I’ve been dying to show this off to the world and the day has finally come. I give to you the cover art for An Outlaw in Her Bed. Totally revamped story and cover. That’s right–more Travis and Ella’s journey into each other’s arms. The artwork is made by yours truly. So what do you think?
An Outlaw in Her Bed Cover 1600x2500 #2


An outlaw by trade, Travis Colburn refuses to be tied down by a woman. Life on the run leaves him no room for love, until a calico queen’s wicked lips tattoo his soul. Her searing kiss leads him on a path entwined with the devil himself, and nothing will stand in his way—not even cold lead from a gun.

When a bullet steals her husband’s life, Ella Gilby gets more than she bargained for from a tall, dark stranger. Death walks in his shadow and the temptation he offers swallows her whole. The more she denies the attraction, the more her desire for the deadly desperado draws her back in.

Heaven and debauchery collide, and the love sparked in a single night reignites as Ella recaptures the man she lost long ago. Unless their shaded past tears their world in two.


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