Oh What Should I Achieve This Year?

20160101_223545.jpgBeyond the divorce I’ve been trying to achieve for three years now, I sit in quiet contemplation on the many unfinished projects I have. This includes the rewrites of the novels I had with the defunct Breathless Press. In truth, I’m in no hurry on that. I have other fish to fry. My mind is constantly spinning with new and exciting ideas.

This is why artists go insane.

My list is in no way a resolution. I’ve always had a goal of writing like mad in the first part of the year and then pursuing other interests until NaNo comes around. Of course I’m looking forward to another Drawlloween as well. That was a great way to purge out any writerly ticks and have a fresh mind for NaNo. Yes, I failed last year. The character I was writing is the most difficult to portray. Think about it and the society we live in and then toss in a character that loathes technology, memes, and anything to do with television. Those little cultural slips just don’t cut it and made progress slow.

So, we’ll start with the works in progress I have listed at the bottom of this site. This are my must finish items.

Tangled in Time, Beowulf Hollow Series, Book 3, Naughty Fairytales Trilogy.

This one has been on the shelf for over a year now. I started it during my 2014 NaNo run. The reason I haven’t finished Tangled in Time is because I keep hedging on the characters. How much should I show of the past to show how it relates to the present? I also have some cultural things I do not want to screw up and sometimes research is hard to come by. This will definitely be the longest Naughty Fairytale I’ve created. My hope is that the first three books in this series can be bundled together in a print form. We’ll see. I have to finish it first.

Devin and the Playboy

This one is some m/m/f goodness. My issue with finishing is that my brain wants to jump to that Happily Ever After part and won’t concentrate on the here and now. I’m not even halfway to the word count I projected this one to be. Still, it’s a skeleton work ripe to expand so skipping to the end won’t be a sinful act. The interplay of the three characters is what I love the most about this work. It’s ripe with sexual tension and an ending I hope keeps readers guessing. A hard task indeed.

An Outlaw in Her Bed

Outlaw is one of novels I had with Breathless Press. I’m in the process of expanding with more backstory and reintroducing a character that was fleeting in the beginning. In the original I had made the male character very much a virgin with bed activities. Alas, this is not the case in the rewrite. This one is promised to Roane and will very much be different from the original–and I mean vastly changed from the two companies that held the right to publish previously.

Another work on my mind is one set in Roman times featuring gladiators. Watching Spartacus has spurred these thoughts. Yet the task at hand are the three listed. I hope to get to a couple of writing retreats where distractions are better kept at bay.

For me this year, it’s about finding happiness. That will always be what drives me.