My No Resolutions Speech … Again

Yeah, I said it. Every year I see people resolving to do something or another for the new year. I just don’t believe I need a number going up to decide a change is in order. So, instead, I’m going to tell you what I plan to do in my writing this year.

confettiFirst order of business is my rewrite of An Outlaw in Her Bed. I’ve already got at least 2k added to it and have quite a bit to go. It’s taken me some time to figure out what direction to go with the story but keeping the meat. I can’t let works that I’ve poured countless hours into to rot on a hard drive because a publisher sunk like the Titanic. So this story will be the first to be completed.

Next is Tangled in Time, the third in the Beowulf Hollow series. That one had been lingering for over a year. I started it in November 2014. I still have at least three more to go in my fictional little town.

I have two more at the halfway point–Devin and the Playboy and His Little Princess. I’m hoping I get some of these knocked out when I’m cruising in the Mediterranean. We’ll see.

Another one I have intentions of re-writing is Muir Bhreatan. A year off the market is quite enough, don’t you think?

Other than those, I have a YA to finish as well. Basically I have enough to keep me busy the whole year. Plus I plan on starting school to move on to another career. This means, more than anything, I need to have a schedule. I know I’m capable as I’ve done it before. Balance is the key.

So may your year be filled with happiness. Find your inner peace and the rest will click one by one. Thanks for listening to be babble. 🙂