Finger and Thumb on the Forehead, People!

Nano Loser

That’s right. LOOOOOSER! I changed the graphic to reflect that for the first time since 2007, I did not reach the goal of 50k. I had my usual week off work and everything but failed to reach the finish line. Final word count? 39774. I couldn’t even stretch to get to 40k and I even started something else when my novel ground to a halt. As I’ve said before, I write everything and what I was working on wasn’t naughty or romantic. It was paranormal horror in the YA world. Book two of a series, in fact. The problem was that, just like the first one I did in 2009, the character is so odd that I had trouble getting into writing him. Seriously, I love this character but he’s a pain in the ass to write. By the time I figured out where I went astray, my muse was in tantrum mode about reading over and inserting what needed to fix a plot hole. Major hissy fit.

I learned that NaNo isn’t about how many words as how many quality words. Did I achieve that? Yes. I’ll have a nice skeleton story to work with and have to add more than subtract during the first stages of editing. I have NaNo projects that I haven’t touched because they are a big clusterfuck. That was book one in this series that I wrote in 2009. I didn’t get that one cleaned up until 2011 and got a contract for it, not that the company is around anymore. Yeah, try selling a planned trilogy when the first book has already been published. Fat chance.

Anyway, I’m totally fine with my epic fail. With stress at my 9 to 5 and anemia/premenopausal woes bitch slapping me into oblivion I’ll take my 39774, thank you, and ride merrily into the sunset.