#Drawlloween : My Recharge

I’ve had some major stress lately so when I saw an artist friend post a graphic about drawing something Halloween themed daily, I decided I needed to get some practice. Since I invested in a desktop touchscreen computer for my writing and art, it was time to start mastering Adobe Photoshop more than I have. Having a Wacom tablet also helps. My go to program has always been JASC Paint Shop Pro but I can’t find the disc. The perils of moving. Both programs have their advantages. Now I already knew how long it takes to create art, which is why I advocate for artists and them getting paid–along with getting pretty pissy when their work is stolen. It goes without saying (or should)–please don’t use someone’s art without their permission.

So let’s show you some of the art I’ve created.

Ghost 2015Oh boy. This was the first one. Not only was I rushed as I was a day behind, it was the first thing I tried to do solely in Photoshop. I love the liquefy tool so the clothes were made with that tool. This is the color palette I was going for. The only problem? The arm! It’s supposed to by the right one and I clearly drew a left. D’oh! These are practice sketches, thank goodness, because this one is awful!


wpid-fb_img_1443989483201.jpgOn this day, I had all the time in the world to create. When I first started putting warts on the goblin, they looked awful. The great thing about digital art is you can erase and it’s a lot easier than traditional means. He’s one the favorites I’ve created thus far. I’m seriously considering putting this bad boy on a t-shirt for kicks. At this stage, the smudge tool is my friend.



wpid-fb_img_1443989469356.jpgMeet my vampire. When I draw them, I prefer gray tones for the skin. However, I thought I’d spice her up with red lipstick and blonde hair. I used stock photos for a reference to draw her. I just don’t draw from my head for human forms. They always turn out goofy looking. Again, the smudge tool comes through for me. That’s how the hair effect was created.



Werewolf-2015This one is werewolves. I thought I’d go more like a cartoon style on this. My son named the band pictured. I called it quits before I could get the drummer and bassist in so we’ll say they missed the album cover shoot howling at the moon. While this is a distraction to the chaos that is my life, I have other projects I need to work on as well.



Pumpkin-2015A pumpkin, plain and simple. I thought about going realist with this one but I’ve always liked the impressionists. So that was the style I was going for. As you can see, I’m getting better with Photoshop. This beauty took me at least an hour to create. It’s a tie for my favorite, really.



Tune in next week for more highlights. 🙂