Release Day: Last Kiss

Legends of worlds past… A Mystery man with a gold coin… A promise of immortality.

Last Kiss

Three Worlds Press

Horror Short

Last Kiss Cover

Buried deep in the jungle is a prize, heightened by legends, sought by many, that could break Cesar free of the mines he longs to leave behind. When Arturo, the man with the gold coin, offers Cesar his chance for escape and fortunes he could only dream of, Cesar risks his life to stake his claim. With one last kiss, immortality could be his.


I’m really stoked the TWP decided to publish this. Last Kiss is one of those stories I thought would stay on my hard drive forever, mainly because I don’t do too many shorts anymore. They were my stepping stones to getting bigger works published. Still, you got to tip your hat to a story that’s well-rounded in a quick and dirty.

I’d like to thank Leona and Karen for showing me possible avenues for expanding this horror piece. Sometimes when you look at something for so long. you don’t see the path. It makes my happy to publish with them … and I’ll be giving more their way. If I don’t, Leona might send someone to hold my hostage until I do. 😀

Leona: Thanks for always believing in me throughout my days at that other publisher. I’m so stoked to be working with you again.