Authors Behaving Badly: Not Again

I have been writing since middle school, maybe around 7th grade. Back then I just did it for fun. In high school, I shared my stories with close friends. I was shy and was afraid to do anything else with it. My friends, of course, encouraged me to expand what I have in my first show vs tell moment. I took a creative writing course and didn’t understand the concept of a story being a mere 5 pages long. That lesson came later in life.

So that’s circa 1987, when I graduated. I didn’t stop writing, using an electronic typewriter with a small built in memory. Quite honestly, most if not all of that writing was crap. When I got married, I didn’t forget my passion but things get in the way when you get hitched–especially when your spouse is an attention whore. I found the world of online gaming. Not WoW but chatroom D&D. We used messageboards to put up character background so in a sense, I was still writing–and getting better.

The Kindle didn’t exist and I tried entering contests from big publishers to get noticed. I got rejection letters and brooded that they claim to want new talent but picked previously published authors. In hindsight, my writing wasn’t good enough.

So fast forward to 2000 or thereabouts. My son is in hockey and cub scouts. I’m the parent that is helping him with all of that. I use a laptop when I can to get a few words in during his hockey camps but in the end, I’d rather be involved in my son’s life. Sacrifices have to be made for the good of my kid. Besides, writing can be completed when he’s in bed. Not when my son dictated, when I–the parent–said so.

It wasn’t until 2011 that I got my first story published. I started with short stories and magazines because I knew I had to earn my keep. In 2012, my first novella was published. I did all of this while having to keep a household and 40 hour job. I’ve gotten several other publications along the way. So when I saw yet another author starting a Go Fund Me so they can get people to pay them to sit at home and write, I get a little on the pissy side.

What ever happened to fucking working for what you want? Let’s step into the world of the latest author waving an illusionary tin cup for funds to pay her bills starting with this ‘golden’ nugget.

Apparently to ask for assistance is a no-no. Too bad I’ve never cared what others thought of me. I’ve been told to apologize. That isn’t happening, at least not today.

#Funderc*nt It’s kinda catchy, has a ring to it. I think I’ll keep it.

Yeah. That’s just what the publishing world needs. Another author who doesn’t understand why other authors have a problem with this. Unfortunately this flippant attitude trickles down to other authors too. It’s bad enough we have pirating sites but we have to deal with what asshats like this do to the image of the writer.

But Wait! She’ll give you all this for donating! OOoooo……


Never mind, if you wanted to, you could buy all those things for less. Let’s break down her ‘pity me’ Go Fund Me plea down:

I’ve spent the last 5 years struggling to become a full time author. I’ve been working odd and part time jobs and writing at night. I’m tired, but I’ve managed to produce 4 series, 9 individual titles, (All big/real books).

Ever heard of J.K Rowling and what she did to get Harry Potter written? Read it. And someone pass it on to the self-proclaimed Fundercunt. Rowling finished her first Harry Potter book in 1995 but it wasn’t published until 1997. When did she start it? Fucking 1990. You want to talk about someone who waded through the mud–on her own for the most part while raising her children ALONE–this bad ass author is top on my list. Fun Fact: I’ve never read the Harry Potter series but my son has. He loves it to this day. Another Fun Fact: He started reading them in first grade. That’s my author pride there.

So boo-hoo-fucking-hoo on how long you’ve been doing it.

I’ve also produced 4 of these as audio books. (Invested $3500.00 just in the audio books).

I’m getting noticed and I’m getting awesome reviews on all of my books. I’m not however making enough to sit and write full time, (which would allow me to also sleep).

My goal is simple. I need to generate a $1000.00 a month. I do have partial support from my family. It’s not a full-time living by any means

Guess what: When you decide that you’re going the self-publishing route, you are going to pay more than someone who goes with a publisher. In checking, she’s got an average of 7-10 reviews per book. Not bang pop by any means. that’s not the point of my rant, however, so let’s continue.


Currently the sales of E-books and Audio books brings on average between $100-$200.00/month.

Most E-books sell for under $3.00, or less than a cup of coffee, and I get one dollar from that sale. Said E-book took me about 6 months to produce and roughly $1000.00 after paying for cover designers and editors.

Newsflash: None of her e-books are under $3. NONE. And the $1000 for editing and cover art? That’s a fair price. You know why? Editors and artists are trying to make a living too! GASP! PS: If you’re paying $3 for coffee, you’re doing it wrong. Again, I reference my J.K Rowling and how long it took her to get one book published.

Most readers are unaware it takes 20-30 hours of writing/editing/polishing time to produce 1 hour of readable/publishable material. Yes, its the most thankless, time consuming non-job on the planet.

Not sure where these stats came from or what the purpose is beyond the “poor me” stance. One hour of readable ….whaaa? My experience is quite different. I can type maybe 1000 words an hour uninterrupted by three kitties, housework, and reading myself. My son is self sufficient at 21 years. I’ve done NaNo and that’s 50k in a month of a rough draft. I’ve done NaNo since 2007 and it can be done while working and maintaining a house. That’s doing 1667 words a day so that’s two hours. Then there’s research depending on the type of book. History, for example, takes the most in my opinion. I can get lost in research sometimes. So maybe 2 hours for that too. World building is a whole other animal. I will say submitting to a publisher can take a long time depending on the publisher but this author doesn’t bother so, again, I doubt she’s only making a dollar a sale. Plus, she’s on Kindle unlimited to so …. excuse me while I call bullshit.

Any and all help would be immensely appreciated and I am happy to gift my books to supporters.

If you want to chat or have questions you can friend me and then PM me through the facebook messenger system, or send a message through gofundme.

Once you donate, please do contact me directly so I can gift you the titles/formats you’ve selected. 🙂

She appreciates it but she’s not going to apologize for not earning her keep. I work a 40 hour job and have a house that I am responsible for cleaning as a single-almost-divorced person. Oh did I mention I’m an artist of sorts too?

My artwork ... because I can art without needing Patreon.

My artwork … because I can art without needing Patreon.

This post isn’t to light the torch and go all mob mentality because I loathe that more. No matter what I think of this person, I will not advocate or condone drive by one stars one Goodreads. Fucking stop trolling people. I will say, however, speak your piece on social media. Twitter the shit out of it if you want. If you didn’t buy/read her books, you have no right to judge them. Start a petition or write a letter to Go Fund Me about this. Go Fund Me shouldn’t be about paying someone’s bills so they can write–there are grants for that. It’s about, IMO, helping people in a bind when they lose a child to cancer and the bills are racking up. That is a cause, not someone not willing to pay their dues in blood, sweat, and tears like the rest of us.

I have one more tidbit to share. Take it for what you will but do notice the dates when considering the context and see if you spot the hypocrisy I did. Me? Calling someone out on their shit isn’t bullying. I’ll give that the one-star drive by–as I’ve stated numerous times before–is a form of bullying. The only time I did that? When some douchebag plagiarized other people’s books. That is my only exception so don’t be one-star fucktards … or authors that rate their own books. Additionally, going to an author’s page and having a spat IS bullying.

Really OMG 2 Really OMG



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