Fat Shaming IS a Thing

Some time in the past couple of weeks, ‘comedian’ Nicole Arbour decided to put a YouTube video up–one that Google briefly took down for violating TOS–about people who are fat titled “Dear Fat People”. Of course, she’s calling it ‘censorship’. Riiight. Let’s ride that fifteen minutes of fame, girl, like a slip n slide. Funny how someone judging people without real facts is being ‘censored’.

I don’t care for the ‘fat shaming’ tag as I prefer to call it bullying. This is a real problem much like attacking someone who is LGBT or extremely skinny or different than you. Is obesity an epidemic? Absolutely! Thinking that just because someone is overweight that they all have huge medical problems beyond the one that might have caused the weight gain? WRONG.

wpid-20150907_143935.jpgI am a robust size 16. I have been bigger and I have been smaller in my life. If we go by that lovely BMI scale that doesn’t account for bone structure or muscle density (FUN FACT: muscle weighs more than fat), I was obese when I was a size 12 at 156 pounds because of my height of 5’7″. When I thought about going into the Army, I had to get the more accurate fat percentage test completed which I passed with flying colors. Too bad I was female and was limited in that capacity. Point being, the BMI is how we are being weighed and measured.  A completely inaccurate way (See: muscle weighs more than fat) to determine if someone is overweight.

In a world where cute little memes of “I’m offended by this potato” are tossed about because of the outrage against gays getting married and clerks getting jailed for not doing their appointed jobs, we need to see the big picture. Judging someone and using a social platform to do it doesn’t make you any less of a bully like those shoving kids in lockers. People with no weight issues can have diabetes and heart problems. I had a Zumba instructor have a heart attack because she loved exercise AND greasy cheeseburgers. People, like me, can be over weight and not have diabetes, heart problems, or even high cholesterol. I have a body that lends itself to be more muscular. Do I want to be my size 12 again? Hahahahahaha … not happening. My body changed a bit after childbirth so my hips mock me daily. This is why I have to shop in the woman’s, not ladies, section for my size 16 jeans. I need hip room because, you know, I have them. I also have a ‘lovely’ C-section pouch that just gets more flappy the more weight I lose.

My weight now? No clue. Scales demoralize, much like Nicole’s video I’m not linking. Find it yourself. It’s still out there. My self esteem is fine. Some people’s aren’t and when someone believes it’s okay to tear a sect down and try to make it some big joke under the moniker of “I’m a (alleged) comedian!” It’s not okay. Suicides are not funny. Using a social media platform to spread your bullying agenda is not funny.

Stop playing the victim, Nicole. There are always consequences. Suck it up, Buttercup.

I leave you with the powerful Whitney Way Thore and her response to a trolling bully.



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  1. I like your point that saying you’re a comedian doesn’t mean it’s not offensive. It is. Kinda like Adam Sandler’s new movie where a bunch of Native Americans walked off the set – he claimed it was just satire and they should be okay with it.

    Yeah, no. If what you say offends a group of people, it’s not comedy; it’s bullying and you need to knock it off.

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