Cover Reveal: Last Kiss by Pam Mangol

This is a little different than most of you are used to seeing. However,  I write so many different things that sometimes a not-so-romantic manuscript squeaks out. I’m a lover of psychological horror. So when a contest (for fun) popped up on a private writing site that had to do with a head, I dove right in. I, of course, thought of a shrunken head. While the contest was cancelled do to drama, the person who sponsored it gave everyone a private critique. The piece was deemed too fast paced. I shelved it, like I do most of my shorts. Truthfully I was knee-deep in other projects.

Flash forward to this year. I’ve had turmoil with losing my editor with one publisher to seeing the same publisher go under, leaving me with pieces I’m still unable to do anything with. Then I find out my editor is with another publisher and they’re looking for a zombie piece. I remember Last Kiss. Way too short, I had to find a way to length it. With the help of the amazing people at Three Worlds Press, I found a way. Plus, I had the opportunity to make some cover art. Finding stock photos of shrunken heads isn’t an easy task. Lucky for me, I know art and have an awesome Wacom tablet. Stock photos? yeah, there’s a reason that I take over 2k of photos when I go on vacation.

One other difference too. I can’t very well use the name Kastil Eavenshade on a dark horror piece. So, without further ado, I give you the cover art for Last Kiss. Publishing details to come later. 🙂


Last Kiss Cover

Buried deep in the jungle is a prize, heightened by legends, sought by many, that could break Cesar free of the mines he longs to leave behind. When Arturo, the man with the gold coin, offers Cesar his chance for escape and fortunes he could only dream of, Cesar risks his life to stake his claim. With one last kiss, immortality could be his.