What the Hell, America?

Butt Hurt Bear Banner FB Rainbow

Soooo much has happened this week not only in my laborious 9 to 5 gig but in my personal interests. I wanted to do an in-depth post about the joyous occasion of equal rights for the LGBT community. A long time coming, IMO. The misinformation over the Supreme Court’s decision is mind boggling and honestly, it’s a subject I don’t want to rush. To really make my point, I’m going to have to really dig into some research because that’s the only way to combat knee-jerk reactions–with cold, hard facts. Truth hurts, folks. Ignorance is far worse.

Hopefully I’ll gather my thoughts and share some interesting word play from Facebook and let you decide. Until then, Butthurt Bear sums it up for me. Feel free to use it, it’s the size for a Facebook Banner.

I’ve also got a little bit on the flag issue in the south as well. The #AskELJames thing? Not touching it. Nope. Enough has been said on the subject and, honestly, I’m at the honey badger level over that epic fail. Welcome he fun world of the internet!