WTF, Game of Thrones?

wpid-20150515_145822.jpgI have to admit, though I have them, I haven’t read the books. Between my own writing and maintaining a house on my own, I don’t have the reading time I’d like. I will get to the paperbacks but in the meantime, I’ve been watching the show. From what friends have told me that have read the books, the show itself doesn’t follow it to the letter. Honestly, I have yet to find a book that’s turned into either a television show or movie that doesn’t take liberties. I still remember my son getting agitated when I took him to the first Harry Potter movie and it didn’t follow the book. Try telling a seven year old who loved reading and the books that Hollywood takes liberties.

So some of the new season has been hit or miss for me as far as intriguing. Of course my favorite character Tyrion is getting in and out of trouble with ease only to be thrown to the wolves again. He’s a survivor and will always find his way out of the rabbit hole. Then there’s Littlefinger that manipulates people as well as professional organist. He has an agenda and someday we’ll be in on it.

Cersei and Ramsey? Yeah, I hope they trip off a tall tower and fall into boiling lava with birds shitting on them as they descend.

The episode that aired on 17 May 2015 I was absolutely loving … until the last scene. To say I was appalled is an understatement and if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you stop reading because I’m about to spoiler the shit out of it.

We have the wedding of Sansa Stark and el Douchebag Ramsey Bolton. Something Littlefinger set up so I’m wondering what his angle is on that beyond the obvious pull the Stark name still has in the North and Winterfell. My first impression is that Sansa has that fire in her belly when she refuses to allow Theon “Reek” Greyjoy take her hand to lead her down the aisle. I see a slight hesitation in Sansa’s demeanor when she’s asked if she wants to marry the man that makes Christian Grey look like a Boy Scout. Maybe she’ll tell them to piss off with all the support for her family, not the Boltons, that has been shown thus far. Nope. She goes with Littlefinger’s match.

It’s the wedding night and Theon shows the wedded couple to their room. Ramsey shows his ‘winning’ personality by telling Sansa to strip while Theon stays in the room to watch. All this after he grills her about whether she’s pure. I mean Tyrion could have popped the old cherry. All her protests aren’t going to mean a thing, really. Out of the frying pan into the fire. Which husband would have been worse? Ramsey or Joffrey? Toss up, really.

Sansa’s composure crumples a little as she turns and unlaces her sleeves. I pray that there’s a knife somewhere in there but I’m deeply disappointed. It only goes downhill from there. Ramsey rips the back of her dress and presses her to the bed, all the while acting the pompous ass he is. In the corner, Theon looks on with tears aplenty as off camera the cries of Sansa build. Married or not, Ramsey forces himself on Sansa in nothing short of rape.

Do I hope Sansa will be alright? Boy I hope so. She’s been showing those flashes of “don’t fuck with me” and I want to see a strong female character. Yeah, I don’t think that Cersei fills that role. She’s a vengeful bitch that’s grasping at straws.

the fact that burns me the most is the confirmation that this scene NEVER existed in the books. What the fuck is wrong with an industry that uses rape as a plot device? With all that Sansa has been through, is it necessary to add one more debauched layer of shit? Absolutely Fucking NO. That satisfying end to Ramsey doesn’t come at that moment and I wonder if it ever will. So fuck you writers. Stop thinking it’s okay to debase a female character to move your dodgy plot along and get back to killing the asshole characters. That’s what we’re used to and that’s what we demand.

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  1. To me, any sexual encouter between Ramsay and Sansa would have been rape. She didn’t want him, she didn’t ask for him. She knew what was coming. If she thought for one second that he would have been loving, and a good husband, and all romantic with her then shame on Sansa Stark, and everyone else watching. And if anyone thought for a second that there wouldn’t have been a sexual encounter between them, then shame on you. That leaves me to believe that most people didn’t want to know what would happen their wedding night. Please. I’m not the only one who knew what this sick bastard would do to her. I think it was handled well, considering the source

    As for the scene itself, from what I’ve read there was another woman, a Jeyne Poole, in the books, and the producers sort of combined the two characters. They took liberties. Martin agreed.

    While I do not believe in glorifying rape, I go back to my original statement … no matter what the circumstances and how Ramsay came to her bed, it would have been rape, Period. End of discussion.

    What I don’t understand is all the screaming and yelling about how this did nothing to further Sansa’s story. I think it does. Rape changes a woman. She can usually go one of two ways: become very promiscuous or very angry and a man-hater. Rape does develop a character. it is a life-changing event, especially when the one committing the rape is the husband of the victim. This is a HUGE event for Sanasa. I also think it had a huge impact on Reek, another victim in that room. While Theon has his own demons to work with, I don’t think, deep down, he wanted to see Sansa hurt, not like this.

    Which leads me to ask, why wasn’t there an outrage over what Ramsay did to Theon? I thought what Theon/Reek went through at the hands of Ramsay was horrific, both physically and mentally. Ramsay is a psychopath, and what happened with Theon and now Sansa is proof of that.

    Again, I am not into glorifying rape, and trust me, I don’t think the way Martin has portrayed women in this series is comforting. This entire series has shown women as nothing more than play toys for me. It’s been demoralizing and degrading the entire time. With this particular scene, however, I don’t think the writers and producers glorified the rape. They only made my hate for Ramsay stronger. I thought they handled it well and focused more on Reek’s reaction, not the actual act. The touch of anger we saw in Theon’s face, followed by the tears, spoke more to me than the unseen but heard ‘rape’ of a wife by her psycho husband. He knows what it is to be tortured at the hands of this foul creature. I am anxious to see which side of the blade Sansa falls. From the moment she said “I do”, every touch by Ramsay Bolton is ‘rape’. I hope she does to him what Ramsay did to Theon. It can’t happen soon enough.

    • Again, I don’t think it was necessary to further Sansa as a character considering what she endured under Joffrey’s reign. He reveled in showing her father’s head on a pike and threatened to do the same. This was unnecessary. I’m all about tearing down a character but in my opinion she was already there.

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