Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Twenty-Six #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

On the pill taking. Ana’s wary that he still has a relationship with Elena AKA Mrs. Robinson. Yet, she’s allowing sex without protection. Of course, I’ve said before that herpes jumps the condom. I’m not sure Ana understands STDs or thinks the initials stand for Sex Titties Dicks.

Christian does an excellent job of deflecting not only her questions in this chapter but completely changes the course of conversation. First he entices her with the prospect of sex on the piano then it shifts to the contract.

Oh that fucking contract.

What does it matter now when she’s already agreed to it in everything but ink on the paper? She’s wanted more out of the relationship yet I still feel that he’s got the upper hand. That hasn’t changed for me. His mind fuck powers are far more powerful than she could even fathom.

Hello info dump my childhood friend, it’s good to see you back again. Here’s the rules you must abide or I will tan your pretty hide….

So he admits he wants to hurt her but not past what she can take. Worse yet, he won’t say why but hey … sex, Ana, sex! I mean, if he tells you you’ll run screaming and he can’t let his little sheep leave the pasture he’s made, could you buy yourself a clue? Huddle up, subconscious and inner goddess, we’re going long.

So she plays with fire–again–and tells him to take her to the edge of that pain. Of course he’s getting a creeper figurative boner and takes her to the playroom. Now, this scene is intense and all that was missing from the flogging scene happens. I feel her pain, her confusion–everything. Dafuq? Why couldn’t have this been carried through the whole book? Oh I know! Got to have that fucking cliffhanger I really hate.

DSC_2377She bolts from the room after telling him what I’ve figured out a billion six pages ago–he’s fucked up. Sorting his shit out? Yeah, he hasn’t done that yet so keep dreaming, darling. We get the lamenting of her not being able to love Jose or Paul–not that she gave those guys a try even for one date. All of that changes in an instant when he comes into the room. She should stick to her guns and tell him to go play hide and go fuck himself. So not Ana because he’s soooo beautiful. Shallow much?

In the end, like any abusive relationship, Ana has her breaking point and she leaves. It’s an emotional journey–which anyone who has been through it can totally back up–and one that snaps her. Why it took this point for her to realize this, beyond he way the book has to play out, is lost to me. Their relationship didn’t last that long. She fell hard with a man that controlled and manipulated her at every turn. Poor clueless Ana.

This is it. The last chapter and I’m glad. Quite frankly, this one had the most emotion in the whole book. Why it could carry throughout *sigh* I won’t ever know. I was serious when I said I won’t read the others. This didn’t have a HFN or HEA ending, unless Ana leaving El Douche counts.

Tomorrow I’ll delve into the synopsis of an abusive relationship and how it can warp your brain. Sorry, but there is not more snark to give. This last chapter was too real for me.