Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Twenty-One #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

I have nothing to report, really, for this chapter. While I still chortle every time I see ‘cock’ refer to the position of the head on one’s shoulders, this chapter contained hardly any meat. I’ll break down what I have.

Mrs. Jones

This is Mr. Control Freak’s maid, dressed smartly of course. She’s professional about her job and of course plants that seed of “former sub” in Ana’s head. IIRC, Christian offered to get her in contact with women who had performed the role of a sub before and she declined. But go on with your bad self. Assumptions are the spice of life in the romance novel. Mrs. Jones, of course, is not a former.


On his desk. Not something¬†Ana can yell “first!” about either. She enjoys it and then Mr. Hot and Cold chills the experience. She reflects, thank goodness it’s not a huge dialogue between her multiple personalities. The poor Christian aspect comes through and I’m still not buying it.


Please make it stop. PLEASE. Seriously, at this point I’m thinking this is a word count buster and nothing more. Another reason a tree cried as its flesh was ground to pulp to make paper. Electrons are bemoaning their being inconvenienced with every download.

In the End

Ana’s off to her mum’s house on an upgrade via Christian. Shocker! Why to do I get the feeling this visit isn’t going to end well?

T minus 7 days until I’m finished with this project … for now.