Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Nineteen #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

Even with the twisting of Grey’s rigid rules he’s shroud himself with, Ana still is hung up on the whole Mrs. R bit. If she looked into the mirror perhaps a bit of clarity would smack her bottom. I doubt at this stage what was done to him was any more than she’s dabbled in. He was innocent as she but younger.

We have a the dinner party with the parents in this chapter with Kate and Elliot and Mia–the overexcited sister of Christian. She’s an odd one that will probably flit to and fro within the book. A long time ago, in a chapter far, far away, Ana found Kate’s sexual exploits a bother to her sensible nature–flannel jammies and all. Now the near dry humping Kate attempts on her current lover sends the inner goddess into a lovely Fouetté en tournant. In a word, it’s hot.

Nice ChiantiOf course our would be dominant is up to his old games though she’s signed no contract. Of course she’s the one that is going commando. Yet he’s a jealous one, that’s for sure but the interesting thing of note is this: one of the servants gives nasty glares to Ana just like the waitress in the moose snot aioli restaurant. My guess? Former partners of Christian.

I really hoped the no panties incident would pan out to be more than it turned into. Granted, Ana tried to play a game she has no business dabbling in and it earns her a trip to the boat house. His intent is the old spank and fuck because, you know, Kate blurts out about Jose and the bar. Pouty McCreepy’s outrage is laughable, again spinning the incident to his own perception. Typical passive aggressive nature. Jose left her to the wolves (Grey) and thus is no friend to have. Never mind Grey dragged him off and chased him away. Details, details.

Though Christian gets what he wants from Ana–without her gaining any pleasure herself–we do see her chip away at his exterior. It’s a power play of sorts akin to running across hot coals several times and hoping not to get burned. Though I’m still wondering how he could not penetrate the thigh barrier of the there place while at the table yet, without indication that her legs are parted, easily slips a digit into the five hole.

I see the slow change however the crux of their relationship is sex and nothing more. Neither has opened up personally. Meeting the parents was awkward at best. really a whole “yay, my son’s not gay!” like it’s a bad thing if he was.

Back to his place with the no touchy rules in place but Ana gives him a slight bargain he can’t refuse. Spill a little of his past and her ass is his for the spanking. In typical fashion, he one ups the ante with a few silver balls to stuff her like a turkey.


She refers to there as her sex. OMG! We’ve graduated in our language barriers! *throws confetti* Oh, wait. False alarm. Damn. *sigh* Balls in your vag will confuse the brain, after all. He gets his spanking in and the old in and old and spills one secret:

His biological mum was a crack whore. Gone away when he was the tender age of four. Somehow in those short years, it fucked him up beyond hope. Sweet baby Jesus I hope there’s more to it than that. Unless his adoptive parents were aloof, which I didn’t that impression, Christian needs to change head shrinkers because the one he’s been using … and the one before that … and the one before that … aren’t doing the job. He revels in control but has none in truth. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe he should don some black eyeliner and find a corner for a good cry.

Yeah, sharing a toothbrush is still pretty gross, folks. Not sexy.