Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Eighteen #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

Oh I’m losing steam here. So much going on in my personal life is putting a real damper on this project. Enough of that, however, and let’s move on.

One thing of note is when this month officially ends, so will these posts. Yes, that means the book isn’t done but damn–I got writing of my own to finish!

Chapter Eighteen: Rise of the Vag

FB StatusUnlike the emails that are laid out in painful detail, the ‘thorough’ exam by the best gyno doctor is brushed over. Not that I want the gory details but I do have questions. She’s never had an exam before. This surprises me considering her mother’s merry-go-around of men. Way to teach your daughter importance of health. But it’s fiction—oh shut up, internal monologue! As embarrassed as she was to have a man touch her there, professional or not a woman examining her would have been a little uncomfortable but hey, whatever. Actually it’s amusing that it was done without the usual giddy up mechanism we women are so fond of.

Flash forward to the good ol’ doc telling Christian that Ana is a “beautiful bright young woman”. Must have been the magical vag–or inner goddess–chatting it up during the exam.

This introduction to gynecology and birth control gets McCreepy all hot and contracts be damned, let’s go to what Ana calls The Red Room of Pain. Horrible name, really, born of her ignorance that keeps plaguing her high GPA brain.

While she’s going consensually, in her pretty little head she’s glad that Kate knows where she is. Kind of contradicts her affirmation that she trusts him mentioned a couple of chapters back. Don’t feel bad for her lapse of judgment, however. This is the course she has chosen. A mind game with someone fucked in the head.

Stripped and trussed, Christian begins with a riding crop straight from his erotic dream. the only thing that doesn’t have me cringing is that beyond my impressions of him, Grey knows what he’s doing. Otherwise I would be all WTF … not the thing to start with. Still a little harsh but maybe she shouldn’t voice her dreams to an obsessive compulsive guy. I have a slight experience with a crop–and a person who didn’t know what the fuck they were doing. Shocker, I know. Worse was being told that it didn’t hurt. Made me want to grab the crop and swing for the fences. Another reason why trust in these situations are key.

I won’t go into too much detail about the cable ties beyond, again, if you don’t know what you’re doing don’t try this. you could damage a person with those hard plastic ties.

She enjoys herself, the fear inside heightening the experience as adrenaline will do.

Confession: Beyond the fact that actions describe don’t match the fact that Ana has closed her eyes and cannot see (again a missed opportunity to really shine with the other senses), the scene was pretty hot. Yeah, I liked it.

Like I’ve said before, this book isn’t 100% trash. It has it’s moments. I just wish that a lot of what I read had been cut out to really ramp up the heat and flow. About a hundred pages hacked would have been great.