Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Fourteen #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

I want to start this one out with a thought. In this book, we have two adults that thus far have consented to what they have done. While I see the manipulation by Christian via sex–one that Ana calls him to the carpet on in chapter thirteen, it doesn’t stop her. He tries yet, to my shock, is refused by Ana. As I start this chapter, I’m bracing myself for her to once again change her mind about him. He’s a drug to her. The drug is pleasure. Just another reason to play the field before you settle, something I had opportunity to do in my youth and didn’t over some old fashioned belief no one but myself instilled in me that I should wait for marriage. Sexual compatibility is great but when you’re into the flaccid and dried beef stage of life, what do you have?

To start this chapter out we get a vivid bondage dream from Ana where a riding crop is smacked down on her clit(oris). OUCH! DO NOT WANT!

I’m also coming to understand all women have an inner goddess but we refer to it as the vagina. Like the penis on a male, it cannot be trusted. Women who think with the vag are no better than men who let their penises be their guide through life. That weeping cesspool of sexual desire will have you spreading banana chocolate pudding on your nipples and ass for a thorough tongue cleaning before you realized you left your dignity lingerie in your other purse. This goes back to my opening remarks of needing more in a relationship than the old in and out.

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Her multiple personality is having a field day. It’s really my least favorite part of the book mainly because of the subconscious thing I mentioned in a previous chapter. Internal thoughts aren’t a bad thing, mind you, it’s the way its presented that twists my knickers. Plus the fact that mutter/murmur needs to be expunged from a certain author’s vocabulary.

While I don’t find anything extremely appalling about her agreeing to try BDSM, it’s how the decision comes about. Ever since she’s had sex, Ana’s world seems to revolve around getting to the next session. Trussing her up with a simple tie isn’t anywhere near the direction Christian wants to take her. He begs like a petulant child–constantly. The only thing missing is “if you loved me, you would (insert act)”. You could rationalize that with any relationship there’s compromise but I’m just not seeing it. What I’m reading, though I’m handicapped with just Ana’s PoV, is him slowly twisting her to his end game.

Her alleged joking email about ending it should have been the end of the relationship. Granted, it would be a smaller book (we can dream too, right?) but that’s not how ‘fiction’ works. And yes, I realize this is fiction yet who hasn’t seen someone take something too serious that isn’t based on real life? However, he uses her one weakness against her–the absence of her boy barrier AKA her virginity. YAY! I’m not new at this and I can magically give good head and sexual overtones with ease. I find this as believable as a virgin wanting to do a menage a trois as their first experience.