Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Thirteen #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

It’s the day of the big date and Ana is decking herself out–with Kate’s clothes. For someone who thinks Kate is so much better than her, good thing they’re the same size in clothes and shoes.

Her clumsiness is mentioned but as I think about it, she’s had awkward situations but not any real klutzy moments beyond the first pratfall. Plenty of opportunity to knock over a glass, trip on a rug, or snag some clothes on a sharp corner.

The question of trust comes up. Invasive as ever, as I really think she still had no idea what’s she’s getting into, Ana doesn’t answer whether or not she trusts Mr. G but rather she deflects to another question. From what I’ve read thus far, she doesn’t trust him yet he’s infatuated her to the point that she can’t and won’t back away. Call it romantic if you want, I’ll reserve my judgment on that. It’s only chapter thirteen.

A little bit of a turning point happens when she hedges on the trust, even hoping they stay in public. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t think ahead and he’s got her cornered so-to-speak. Again she hasn’t eaten and again he’s ordered for her. I don’t find that an endearing quality in a man to order for me, especially if we hardly know each other.

On to the contract tweeking. I understand that this is Christian’s kink. However, all of his previous partners have had experience with the ins and outs of BDSM. Ana has literally zero. Why is he pressing the issue, I wonder at this juncture in the book. If he truly feels anything for her, why isn’t he taking it slow and not insistent on this contract being enforced? Non-disclosure is set in stone, that factor is safe. He’s had fifteen women–not including the one who introduced him to the lifestyle–that he’s had in his short lifetime.

Seriously, dude? WTF?

Seriously, dude? WTF?

Let’s see if I can remember the timeline.

  • He starts at fifteen with a friend of his mother’s. This relationship lasts for six years and is exclusive.
  • At, or about, age twenty-one the relationship with his mother’s friend is terminated.
  • He switches from sub to dom and has fifteen partners by the age of, what, twenty-six? All while building his empire.

So that’s about three partners a year. Yikes.

Then all of a sudden, the person who calls the man creepy, control freak, and compares him to horrible men in history says she trusts him. I’m baffled by this because of all the internal dialogue going on. I’m still bending toward psycho ward ready.

All bets are off, folks. We’ve gone off the deep end. Apparently being a sub is not thinking for yourself. The dom does that all for you. No, I can’t believe that’s true otherwise safe words wouldn’t exist. I’m at a loss at this point of the story. Dumbfounded. When he says she was a natural born submissive because she used the phrases “yes, sir” and “no, sir” at the interview is fucking ridiculous. If that’s the case, I must be one too because I use those words almost in a daily fashion. It’s called being respectful to someone, not submissive.

These two fuckwits deserve each other and the fucked up life they’re going to live. No, I’m not talking about BDSM which can be a beautiful relationship when true trust exists. Just the dynamic beyond the sexual stuff that he only seems to be interested in. Two people cannot live in a relationship solely based on sex and isolate themselves from the world around them. That’s just having a fuck buddy. What Christian wants goes way past that definition.

I’m thankful that this is fiction. In reality, people will change for other people. Not people changing because their potential partner wants them to be a certain way. This is the shit that’s making me get a divorce. Feeling like I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t what he wanted me to be yet I was the same girl he asked to marry so many years ago. Now all of a sudden I’m married and I found out the lie I bought into.

Yeah, no. I don’t find this romantic at all. Noooope.



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  1. Yeaaaah, call me jaded but all this comes up as is NON romantic. Or I have no clue what romance is. But what this is coming down to as you noted is infatuation and the whole ‘having something you can’t have’. But that’s not really true on his case because he can have anything. And it isn’t like she is much of a challenge to get her to go out with him.

    Considering that this started as flash fiction, it sounds as vapid as Twilight itself with all the shit between Ed and Miss Trips A Lot. Errr, or Christian and Ana.

    • Oh i don’t think it’s romantic at all myself. She’s stupid and childish and equating having sex with love. Studies have shown if a man makes a woman truly orgasm, it releases chemicals into the brain that emulate love.

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