Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Eleven #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

The chapter starts out with the rather lengthy contract. As in a line by line, here it is with its ass hanging out of a VW van going sixty miles an hour down the freeway retelling.

Money MoneyI. Have. No. Words. Just … why? Do we need all the details? Well, we didn’t get all of them. We were spared the ginormous list of food that is permissible to eat. This doesn’t sound like a dom/sub contract. It is reminiscent of a slavery contract. She’s property there for his pleasure. HIS ALONE. Unless there was ant-sized print I missed, nowhere does it state that she’s receive pleasure. Only punishment and he doesn’t have to say why. Safe words are present but let’s wait and see what happens when they’re employed.

Before drifting off to sleep (fuck off inner twatess and the talking sock puppet subconscious), she calls the whole contract a “offending document”. She’s coming to her senses, right?

Oh hell. No. Can’t have that. She’s right back on the derp express in the morning.

On a side note, I thought even though Jose was a douche for what he did, his apology was sincere and I’m holding out hope that he keeps to the friendship. On the other hand, I’m waiting for the shoe to drop on her having any type of relationship with another man–no matter how platonic.

If the contract in detail wasn’t bad enough, Simon Legree Christian buys her a computer that she goes all tee-hee about. Then she sinks back to that love sick puppy when he emails her. Calling him Sir, something a sub would call their dom. She thinks it’s playful. I think she’s been sniffing too much glue.

First we get the contract painfully detailed and transition right into email in the format you’d see it on your screen down to the As if 500+ pages isn’t enough. Many electrons were terribly inconvenienced for this ebook. I spared the trees.

All in all, we still get the Ana that isn’t going to say no. She’s queasy, not feeling it but hey there wants it so what does she have to lose besides free will? 😐

My Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment is in the contract itself:

15.5 The Dominant may flog, spank, whip, or corporally punish the Submissive as he sees fit, for purposes of discipline, for his own personal enjoyment, or for any other reason, which he is not obliged to provide.

No where so far do I see any assemblance of respect and again I do NOT give two shits on how the series ends. When she had her reservations, she should have listened to her CONSCIENCE instead of her subconscious and done this (2:54 mark unless you dig Iron Maiden like me):