Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Eight #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

Oh boy. This one starts off with a bang. She admits they hardly know each other but here she is contemplating signing a contract–one I’m surprised she read–to be his fuck toy. Of course in her eye, he’s a monster but hey her being a virgin is far worse apparently.

We learn the fact that though Christian likes to fuck … hard … she’s virgin so it’s all about ‘making love’ now. Really, there isn’t anything to say their relationship is more that a morbid curiosity. They’re infatuated with each other. Dangerously so. Perhaps I’m a bit old fashioned but if he was a gentlemen, he’d return her home to think on what she’s discovered before he does the dick slip boogie in her ‘there’ place. She did sign a non-disclosure document but nooo … he’s going to fix her virginity like it’s some freaking disease.

Fun Fact: I was still a virgin at 21 and I didn’t think it was a bad thing.

I'm a delicate flower.

I’m a delicate flower.

Anyway, they converse enough to say that the contract is on hold because for whatever reason, he’s got to have her. And she wants it too, there is no denying that. I think back to Jose–who really did fuck up any chance he had in a drunken haze–and Paul who never did anything beyond having a blood relationship with the owner where she worked because, you know, she’s going to work there forever. Whelp, if you’re going to dream might as well go big when giving the gift of the untainted vag.

I understand she finds sexual appeal in him. Been there, done that, but even at 21 I didn’t want to just jump into bed with someone. Still, Ana is getting exactly what she expected out of the night. Sex. The innocence of the act flows however calling it ‘there’ while internalizing that she’s wet is a little disjointing. Just a personal thing for me.

Okay, let’s give Ana a break. Someone else is already giving her a pounding. Still, I’m still shocked she didn’t yell “Eek! It’s a penis!”

Fun facts about the hymen and bleeding during the “first time”.

Okay this chapter is the sex scene, obviously, so I want to inject one thing along the lines of what my prime intent was on reading this. We have the inexperienced Ana with Christian. The brain does crazy chemical things during the act of sex.. Like that you’re in love. You’ll do anything at that point. I’ve been there (no, not the ham wallet area) where when you’re deprived of it, you’ll do anything to get that sensation again–things you never thought in your wildest dreams you’d dabble in. I’m not saying everyone regrets it, just when I look at the bad relationship I was in, I would do anything to please the person I was with. I woke up when I realized no matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough. Each step I took got more degrading without feeling like I was worthy of love from that person that tried to talk me into stuff.

At this point this is what Ana wants. His penis in her ‘there’ place. Christian is her first partner so as long as she enjoys it, she won’t go elsewhere. Which is exactly what he wants. I’m flabbergasted that she’s never masturbated considering her mother’s open-leg policy. Maybe she doesn’t have a solid relationship with her mother. We’ve only heard them talk once thus far.

While this book was labeled erotic, or the distasteful moniker ‘mommy porn’, and this whole chapter dedicated to ‘the act’, the language used is no where near erotic. I’ve read romance with harsher language. The terminology used is more clinical.

I see the appeal of the whole scene. Most readers like the whole ‘alpha’ aspect. While it might not be something they want in their personal lives, the appeal to read it is there. For example, reading books by Stephen King doesn’t mean you hope to poop out large worms from your ass while having farts that are akin to a nuclear bomb exploding from your sphincter ALA Dreamcatcher. Yes, I love that one. 😉

Nonetheless, the slippery slope is getting steeper.


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  1. Her ‘there’ place? Seriously? She’s 21, not five. But then that isn’t taking into account her mental age because it is seriously less than her physical age.

    SO glad I never wasted my time on this. I have too many books I WANT to read to waste it on something that is unedited fanfic ‘with the names changed so she could sell it’ garbage.

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