Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Seven #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

Last chapter Christian says he doesn’t make love. He fucks …. hard. Yet in describing his room she goes with it being his soft and romantic side. I guess for a head case it would be. The thought of him hurting woman depresses her but hey, debasing is right up her alley.

Really, at this juncture, who is in the most need of a couch in a therapist’s office?

There's not enough alcohol in my collection for this shit.

There’s not enough alcohol in my collection for this shit.

Back to the ‘hurting women’ phrase. It’s a sad panda time for her but that he wants her to be on the receiving end excites her. Plus, allegedly all she’ll get out of this whole experience of his dominance is … him. Yeah, pretty sure that’s not how it works. Don’t flatter yourself, Christian.

I do believe that Ana has fallen into the first trap in an abusive relationship. She recognizes the signs yet she ignores them because of one thing. He pays attention to her for the most part. He offers her a few things she’s not used to–the slight taste of his lavish yet reserved lifestyle. He hasn’t shown any true aggression toward her and after the Jose incident, it cements to his trap for her. She’s vulnerable–more than her usual built in naivety.

The contract? Yeah. Red flag but it’s too late at this time. She’s desperate for his attention. The sad thing is Ana won’t see it even with the little warning signs she’s recognized. Remember what we learned in the first chapter? Low self-esteem.

Laughable part: Him actually thinking she’s been sexually active in any capacity. He can find out her place of employment, her home address, and track her cell phone but he hasn’t checked into her background in the vag department? Whatever!



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  1. Dude, if he can’t pick up that she’s an innocent after all their interactions, he doesn’t care. Because I could pick up on that she’s not with it. And then I’d call her family because I would think she had special needs or medication that she needed to take.

    What idiot comes out and says that they want to be debased? Seriously, that world is not a friendly word and if you’re going into a relationship and a guy says he wants to debase you, time to say ‘thanks, no thanks. Fuck off, stalker’ and go away. But oooh, he’s SOOOOO dreamy. *gag*

    • And as I was warned, it gets worse as you go. I’m only on chapter eleven. The one thing I remember from Seattle was never look the beggars in the 3 eyes or they will harass you up and down the streets for money. I witnessed it with my own eyes.

      I don’t think an ounce of research was done beyond the English literary books the author has read. This is contemporary and there’s no real wiggle room IMO when you write those with certain subject matter.

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