Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Three #50shades

Cherry Pie

Oh look … a virgin pie

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

Well here we are. Chapter three. Woo. Let me summarize this chapter:

mutter murmur murmur mutter mutter murmur *blush*

This one just confused me. A chapter back, she’s celebrating with Jose about his photography exhibit and the next minute she can’t think of a photographer to click some snaps of her tween crush. One line stood out to me in this chapter. It’s during the phone conversation where she’s babbling and she claims she can ‘hear him smiling’ though he’s not saying a word. Don’t believe that bullshit that if you smile while talking on the phone, people can tell the difference. I could fake you out in a New York minute. Tell you what, how about someone give me a reason to use something like that I can justify to my editor that it’s legit. Come on, I dare you!

Ana, at this point, is still the clueless little school girl sans the fetish outfit. “Dating” isn’t in her vocabulary yet … swoon, Mr. Grey. Which, by the way, I think of this when I read that.


Every. Single. Time. Yeah, get that out of your head.

Now let’s talk about her friend Kate. You know the one that threw her to the weirdo Christian? Yeah, talk about bipolar. First she’s all excited about a picture to go with the article she’s writing but Ana did all the work. Then she does a 180 on Ana having any kind of relationship with Grey. Whaaa …? Oh trust me, it gets better. I think this would have ended better if they all woke up in a mental ward awaiting a lobotomy. Wait, that was Sucker Punch. Never mind. Let’s move on and never speak on that movie again.

I did have some good in this chapter. Hush. It happens. The internal dialogue was cute. Very high school fascination phase with the new mysterious boy that’s in your first period chemistry class. 21 and never been kissed. I still find this sheltered life baffling considering the bed hop her mother seems to have done.

The whole Twilight fan fiction is totally clicking now. Also, Kate is a shitty friend.



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