Chapter Breakdown: Chapter Two #50shades

Before reading this post, I suggest you read my disclaimer of sorts first.

And you thought stepping on these was painful ...

And you thought stepping on these was painful …

Enter the classic ‘bad boy’ Christian. Deep and mysterious but a little off his rocker in my opinion. Enter the one issue I have with first person writing–you never get the other side of the story. Of course in Christian’s case, maybe that’s for the best.

When I hear the ‘dark knight’ analogy in this book, this goes through my head:

Darkness …. no parents … super rich … kinda makes it better (Thanks, Lego Movie!)


We met Jose who I’ll dub always the bridesmaid never the bride because Ana pulls the “let’s just be friends” card. Barring what happens in a chapter coming up, I didn’t think he was too bad of a person but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So far in the first two chapters we get two guys falling all over her much like her prat fall trying to get in for the interview in chapter one. I would have mentioned in in the previous post but who hasn’t heard about it? Oh, people who don’t know what Google is like Ana. WHO DOESN’T USE GOOGLE IN COLLEGE? Seriously, we get the dude (Paul) from the hardware store who knows but Ana? Maybe it’s because her mother treats marriage like a merry-go-round, trying each horse out for the ride. Maybe Ana’s just skipping the first couple of marriages?

“Sorry, Jose, I like you—as a friend–but I’m sooo into cable ties over champagne.” mutter mutter mutter. <—that word needs banhammered so hard in this book. Yes, I’m adding snarky dialogue as I read the book at this point.

So Ana is going to graduate from college yet she’s crushing on Grey Mysterio. Like tween crush. A little confession for you–I got married at 21 and I was a virgin. I crushed on guys and was too shy to even think about getting to know them. Probably why I ended up with who I did but let’s not go down that road, okay? Regardless, the level displayed by Ana rivals my middle school “OMG he’s dreamy!” phase. Way too naïve.

I guess I’m not a fan of equating virginity with being blissfully ignorant on the other aspects in life.


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  1. “Ut-oh. It’s the bad guys.”

    The roommate and I love that movie.

    Anyway…yeah, Ana seems like she was in a technology void up until this point. I expected her to dress in a sundress and Mary Janes looking to go to an ice cream social when her friends ask her to go out and party.

    • I’m still trying to figure out how someone can be book dumb and street dumb at the same time. Reading classical literature must be the link when people live in the dark ages in modern times.

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