Chapter Breakdown: #50shades

For the entire month of April (god help me) I will be analyzing each chapter of Fifty Shades of Grey. A will not go past this book in the series. My breakdown will not be about grammar, misspellings, or the like though I might mention some repetitiveness or classic clichés.  For the most part, I want to get into the nitty gritty of the relationship–whether healthy or unhealthy. As with any book, people are within their right to love or hate it. This will not be a bash fest nor will I entertain a troll on. I will say that what sparked this in me was the author’s dismissal on Twitter of a person who had been a victim of rape.




I have to say I was offended, especially when the gif attached was this lovely thing. Not to mention the hashtag.

Don’t mind if I do.


I guess what upset me the most was the dogpile by fans. Everyone will interpret something in a different light. I will come out and say this: I know abuse. I’ve seen and dealt with it on some level. The mind fuck involved is epic. I am willing to have a discussion about my opinions. However, I will not engage an obvious trolling.


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