Sheri Velarde Talks Art

Today I have a very special guest here to show off her new passion for drawing. Please welcome Sheri Velarde who showcases no matter what, if you try hard enough you can accomplish amazing things. I’ve quite enjoyed what she’s shared privately as it brings me back to the basics I learned so many years ago. Plus, I love her enthusiasm.

Art has always been something that I have loved doing and that has brought some sanity in my otherwise crazy life. Of course I have always just played around, I’ve never really had any art training or taken any classes, that is until I decided to challenge myself this semester by finally taking a drawing class at the local community college, and for credit no less! This is real, it will be on my transcripts for the rest of my life.

photo 1And want to know the really crazy thing? I decided to enhance my artistic skills despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year and having no feeling in my fingers and some of the shakiest hands in the west. I am challenging myself and my body to do what I want despite this darn disease, I want to prove to myself and others that nothing is going to stop me from pursing my life as I so choose to pursue it. Sure I get super frustrated when my hands shake so bad I ruin a piece, but I go back and start over. It make take me longer than others, but I get the job done and I am proud of that.

photo 2Am I the greatest artist out there? No. Will I ever be a “professional” artist, probably not. But I do sell small cute paintings from time to time and I put out my own self-published mini-comics. And now I am gaining some skill and knowledge and my art is definitely improving. Sure, my line work will never be good enough to get into a top art school, but I don’t care. I am becoming more competent in my art and it is helping to raise my self-esteem and that is all that really matters. Art is subjective after all and if my art makes me happy, well then it is doing its job. And I like to think it shows others to follow their dream no matter what. Here are a few examples of classwork from this semester. Not bad to Miss Shaky Hands. I may never have work in a museum, but at least I can saw I now know how to draw. 🙂
I post some of my work periodically on my own website, from time to time if you want to follow my artistic journey and my crazy life.

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